10 Best Gifts for the Music Festival Lover in Your Life

If you are looking for an amazing list of the top 10 gifts for the music festival fan in your life, well, as you might have guessed, you have found it. Well, it may not be the very best, but we did a pretty good job of putting together a list of some of the most commonly overlooked items when you are packing for a music festival and if you have a music festival fan in your life, I am pretty sure there is something on here they would love.

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1. Alpaka Go Sling Pro

Perfect for festival and concert-goers, alike, the Alpaka Go Sling Pro has a slick, rainproof design that will match even the flowiest of festival wear.

It even has an external USB port for easy charging and a hidden pocket for… well… whatever you feel the need to hide. We’re not here to judge, just to help you prep for the next good time. Sound perfect? Check it out here.


2. An Extra Thick Fitness Mat by Body Glove

We know not all of our festival-goers are the jump-in-the-middle-of-a-crowd type; some of you prefer to sit and sway in the back, while letting the music flow through you.

Body Glove’s Extra Thick Fitness Mat is perfect for those laid-back, one-with-the-earth moments. And the best part? It comes with an easy-to-use carrying strap so you can get your groove on anywhere you’d like. Grab yours here!


3. A portable, Collapsible Kitchen Sink by Sea to Summit

You read that right. Sea to Summit has released a kitchen sink that you can take anywhere. Overnight festivals, concert road trips, BBQ tailgates before the show – anywhere.

Offering sizes between 5 and 20 liters, it’s waterproof and collapsible nature provides the ease of an on-the-go necessity without any of the hassle. And even better – the stainless steel ring at the top guarantees the sink won’t topple over during use. No soaked fest-gear, here! Your camping game is about to get an upgrade. Get one before your next trip here.


4. Spy Optic Sunglasses

Seeking new shades? Our personal favorite is the Unisex Fizz pair in Ruby Red. But, Spy Optics offers a variety of frames and styles, perfect for adding that extra flare to your favorite concert outfit.

Plus, the promised 100% UV Protection means you can protect your peepers and look fly while doing it – all without worrying about a sun glare making you miss that once-in-a-lifetime guitar solo.


5. A Solo First Aid Kit by My Medic

The last thing you want to worry about while you’re watching your favorite performer is whether your fest fam is safe. That’s why we recommend grabbing a solo first aid kit – for when the unthinkable happens.

Be prepared and ready to react! My Medic offers various levels of protection, from bandaids and Quikclot to tourniquet supplies and a chest seal. Check out this mid-level version and keep your crowd safe in the chaos, so the show can keep goin’ on. Buy one here.


6. An Osprey Hydraulics Reservoir

The sun can be brutal after hours of dancing to your favorite bands’ greatest hits. But, the peril hits when you recognize the heightened water bottle prices and endlessly long lines that can accompany the concert-going atmosphere.

That’s where the Osprey Hydraulics Reservoir comes in – it’s sideseal, watertight container, complete with easy-to-access hose, is the perfect choice for keeping your drinks cool and your evenings movin’. Get yours here.


7. Tortuga Daily Carry Backpack

Live music isn’t just for the lively festival goer – it can also be the perfect family outing. What better way to expose your kids to the inimitable passion that is a live show than by taking them to an outdoor concert, packed with songs your family loves?

We recommend the Daily Carry Backpack by Tortuga for such an outing. Lightweight and easy to carry, this is the kind of bag you can fit all your family essentials in without it being a hindrance to your good time!

They even have individual packing cubes, so that you can break up your necessities by variety – or even by individual family member needs. Perfect for the music-loving mom on the go! Check out the backpack and more here!


8. Hydroflask Insulated Lunch Tote

Being an avid music lover, you’re probably familiar with the Hydroflask brand; their lightweight, durable, stainless steel tumblers are perfect for hydrating the environmentally-conscious concert-goer on the move! Hydroflask has heard your praise and upped the ante – they have ventured into food gear.

This insulated tote provides all the security of the well-known Hydroflask brand with the added space and easy-carry straps of your everyday tote bag. Ideal for keeping your lunch warm or your drinks cold, this bag comes in a variety of sizes and colors, so you don’t even have to alter your festival outfit to bring it! We’re obsessed.

Start the packing prep early for next festival season and grab yours!


9. The Seaview 180° Sand Free Oversized Beach Blanket by WildHorn Outfitters

I have to confess… we’re obsessed with this product. Whether it’s a music festival on the beach (I’m looking at you, Hangout Music Fest) or aboard the Sixthman Festival Cruises at sea, live shows on the shore leave little room for error… as long as you’re okay with possibly becoming ‘one’ with the sand.

Not anymore! The Seaview 180° Sand Free Oversized Beach Blanket gives the everyday beach-show lover all the room for activities with none of the sandy hassle; boasting 63-feet of blanket and a pack-up design, complete with an integrated stuff sack and compression straps, you can have a sand-free seat for your festfam and not break your back carrying a huge blanket home. Win-win!

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