A Look Into Strange Creek

Hello my beautiful festy family! It’s that time of year again, spring has sprung and we are ready to dance barefoot in the grass! One of the first fests of the season, especially for us in the Northeast, is StrangeCreek Campout hosted by the fabulous Worms of Wormtown Trading Company. Here’s a little look ahead at what the weekend should hold in store for us.

This year’s lineup is looking crazy amazing with the most interesting man in the woods, Zach Deputy, headlining Friday night on the main stage with two sets (and then who knows where he might pop up after that). Ryan Montbleau Band, The Alchemystics and Shakedown are all playing two sets too which for some bands means a set on main stage during the day and then a late night set in the cabins. Then there’s Max Creek, Dumpstaphunk, Big Ol’ Dirty Bucket, Cosmic Dust Bunnies, Seed, Kind Buds, Primate Fiasco and so many more. And some of you may know what it means when Ryan Montbleau Band and Zach Deputy are in the same house… dare I say it? Zach and the Fatty Acids! Oh, I hope so. I love the variety of music and the musical surprises that are always happening around the property. Jams-a-plenty my friends!

I wrote about what to expect in the article “Surviving StrangeCreek” so check that one out for lots of general information on the festival, what to bring and tips on what you need for your camp in the woods. The Worms work to get the woods clear for us to make our little faerie homes for the weekend, so take your time to find a really heady spot. Around Vernville, Riverworm Cafe and along the creek are spots that will fill up first, so look in those surrounding areas for space, more off the main paths. I know it’s tempting to just camp next to your car but the fields where we park are not Camp Kee-wanee’s property and are not zoned for camping so you will be asked to take down your campsite and ain’t nobody got time for that!

This year the Worms have brought back so many of our favorite performers for the weekend and music will be going all day from around 11am on the three stages and till 6am in the cabins. Personally, I can’t be in the sun all day and then expect myself not to be exhausted at night so I try and hangout at the two wooded stages, Vernville and Riverworm to catch some tunes during the afternoon and make a trip down to the creek to hang out in the sun for a while. A few things I always wish I brought with me to the creek, maybe this time I’ll follow my own advice; a towel, blanket, bathing suit, biodegradable soap, raft, hoop, guitar, iPod and speakers, chairs, water, sunscreen and something to put cigarette butts in. It’s a very popular spot during the hot and sunny days for people to relax and scrub some of that wook off.

Make sure you meander down to the creek sometime during the night too, it makes a great chill spot to meet up at during the night and I love that something magical and unexpected happens every time I go there. It seems as though Riverworm really shuts it down at night and there isn’t much going on past 9 or so but keep your eye on Vernville, the family there keeps it happening all night long with the Gawdy Lounge blacklight tent to paint in and you may even be lucky enough to catch an incredible Kind Buds late night acoustic set. Last year at Wormtown they rocked until 4:20am! Also last StrangeCreek Bujak played a silent disco set at Vernville so we’ll see if that happens again this year. It’s a nice alternative to the cabins which get super crowded and steamy hot.

And of course, it wouldn’t be a Wormtown event without the famous late night cabins, or “hot houses” as my friend LJ calls them. And hot they are. Not only is the music sizzling from when the main stage shuts down until dawn, they are also packed with sweaty human bodies. So wear some layers that you can shed and stash somewhere while you dance, and bring water! You don’t want to get dehydrated and feel icky after a rager in the cabins.

The last couple times there has been a disc golf course, just find the basket between the main stage and the bonfire area and they will set you up. Also right there is Spiritual Haze. They have an awesome hookah lounge and for a flat rate you can hang with them all weekend. Don’t forget to bring some canned or dried goods to donate to the Strangers Helping Strangers booth, located near the main stage.

If you are looking for tickets, rides, answers to questions or just someone to chat excitedly with there are a couple Facebook pages such as Wormtown Trading Company’s page, StrangeCreek 2013 and you can always leave comments, questions, your tips and more below!

Well that’s it from this Mamma for now. Check out my other post, “Surviving StrangeCreek” for much more information on this incredible festival that is so near and dear to my heart. The Worms do it right with an outstanding music selection, and a loving family scene which is really what makes it so special. StrangeCreek is home, we wait all year for it and we leave with tears in our eyes. Thanks to the Worms who put on the best party around, and help support an amazing camp for kids. And thanks to all of you who keep the vibes happy, safe and peaceful every single year! Lots of love and light, see you at the Creek!