Artist Survival Guide: Lettuce

We’re excited to bring back Artist Survival Guide for the 2015 pre-festival season!

This first re-installment will feature a list from our favorite New York funk group, Lettuce. If you don’t know about Lettuce, let me start by saying this band is full of talent! They have the ability to fill a stage and room with the sound from their 7 members. Many of the members contribute to other projects, too. These guys never stop! Which is their status at festivals. Lettuce has a sound that is desired at all types of festivals. And the guys know how to enjoy the fest like a fan, as well. One time, I was walking around Buku Art + Music Project and literally ran into the Lettuce bass player, Erick Coomes! He was super nice and went to watch STS9 with us. It’s nice to see artists enjoying the events they perform at.

Anyway, back to the Lettuce Survival Guide! They have provided us with a short and simple list…

1) Wellies* (any brand will do)
2) Bluetooth Speaker System
3) Poncho
4) Shitty Kicks

*I had to look up what “wellies” referred to…apparently, they’re super awesome rain boots!

It’s clear Lettuce knows it’s imperative to prepare for the weather at a festival. I have a feeling they have some other fun things that would make their unofficial Artist Survival Guide ?
Check out which festivals they are currently billed for! Looks like it will be a great summer for Lettuce fans!
May 23 – The Ville Spring Music Festival – North Lawrence, OH
May 24 – CounterPoint Music Festival – Rome, GA
May 30 – Bottle Rock Festival – Napa, CA
August 06 – The Werk Out Festival – Thornville, OH

Check them out on tour now with Break Science!!!