Artist Survival Guide: Modern Measure

Ready for some more advice from an artist for the 2015 festival season?

This edition of Artist Survival Guide features Atlanta’s own Modern Measure. First of all, let me introduce this power duo to you. Despite the fact that it’s only composed of two members, Modern Measure is a creative and energetic band! The guys, Kyle and Charlie, are some of the most motivated new comers to the scene. They have great ties to STS9, The Disco Biscuits and other bands with deeply devoted fan bases. Modern Measure is a “hybrid electronica project like no other”. The basic set up has Kyle on drums and Charlie on the live sampling/DJing but both take on production roles in the studio and in live performances. In 2014, they began to get on the scene with a few regional festival performances. They have branched out and diversified their fan base by touring around the country this year. I’m excited to see their efforts come to fruition at festivals this year with better time slots and bigger crowds!

Alright, so on to Modern Measure’s list of items they MUST HAVE at music festivals… 
1) Franzia wine
2) Maker’s Mark bourbon
3) ENO Hammock
4) Portable Speakers
5) Power Converter
6) Flashlight or Headlamp

Check out Modern Measure at a festival near YOU this summer!!!

April 10-12 – Euphoria Music Festival – Austin, TX
April 17-19 – Sweetwater 420 Festival – Atlanta, GA
May 22-24 – Summer Camp Music Festival – Chillicothe, IL

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