Campground Music

Festivals are filled with spectacular artists. They start early and run late into the night, so you will for sure get your fill of heady shows, but what about while you are at the campground?  The name of the game all weekend is keep the good vibes coming, so when you are chilling at your site between shows here are some ideas about how to satisfy you between music needs.

It’s the technology age for sure so obviously making special festy playlists are a good call. Go nuts! Making some mixes and playlists in the weeks leading up to the festival can be a fun way to let out your pre-festival excitement!   Just remember a few things:  If you do not have a power source available at the campsite (which is usually the case) be sure to bring a docking station with batteries or a battery operated CD player. When you leave the campground don’t forget to put them away somewhere in case it starts to rain while you are at the show. Also keep in mind while packing that anything you bring will certainly get very dirty so don’t bring anything too expensive or nice, perhaps instead bring an old CD player or something you wouldn’t mind getting ruined. If you are playing music out of your car don’t forget to charge the battery every so often or you may find yourself in serious need of jumper cables. Also, before you head off for the festival charge your devices and upload all your playlists so you don’t have to worry about bringing a computer that can get broken, lost, or stolen. If you are a musician then of course bring your instruments. A festival campground is one place on earth you are certain to find willing listeners as well as drum circles and other people to jam with.

Below is a list of some playlists to consider for your festival weekend:

On the way to the festival mix(pump you up music)

On the ride home mix (mellow enough to chill you out but stimulating enough to keep you awake)

Campground day chillin

Campground night chillin

Rowdy Mix (for when everyone is really hyped up and about to embark on the night shows)

Hooping tunes

Dancing Tunes

Crowd Pleasers (for when you have a lot of company at your campsite and everyone wants to hear something different)

Meal-time mix (food that relaxes you while you feast)

Local Bands (a mix of some bands from your hometown you can introduce to some new ears)

Classics that Rock

Karaoke Mix (songs every f-up person will sing along to)

Awesome Live Shows (while your already in a live music buzz it helps you not skip a beat)