Concert Streams & A Music Lovers Guide To Corona Virus COVID-19

Well, these are interesting times indeed. Everyone is stocking up on toilet paper and Gatorade, meanwhile the 2020 Music Festival Season is in a tailspin. With postponements and cancellations of Coachella, Stagecoach, SXSW, Rolling Stones, Guns n’ Roses, and so many more our music luvin’ hearts are breaking. A full list of concert and festival cancellations can be found here but we are not here to gripe and complain, although that is what we really want to do. After all, this year was shaking up to be an epic one for music festivals and we are super bummed.

Putting all of that behind us though we decided to put together the ultimate list of places to get your online music fix since we are all hunkered down avoiding the sickness that is COVID-19. By the way, we really do highly recommend preventing the spread of this virus by laying low for as long as it takes, and it may be longer than we want. Not just to prevent your sexy ass from getting sick, but to keep others around you from getting sick as well. This may not be a serious illness for young, healthy individuals, but the elderly and immunocompromised are certainly at risk. So do grandma a solid and keep your plans at home for a while. Maybe pick up a new hobby and learn to play the Ukulele.

With that said, let’s fill these hours at home with some tasty jams. Let’s crank these up so the neighbors can hear it (just kidding your neighbors are all you’ve got right now, be nice to them too). We will continue to update this list and if you know of any we missed or just want to share some of your favorite concerts that are available online hit us up on Facebook or Twitter! We would love to add your favorite concerts to this list!

We will continue to update this list as you send us your favorites and as we come across more so bookmark it and keep coming back. We are in this together! Stay happy, healthy, and hunkered my festival lovin’ fam.

Also, we are going to do everything we can to make this music festival season the most it can be. We are planning a ton of giveaways and will have some awesome contests in the coming months. If you want in on the action be sure to join our email list!

Quello seems to be the place where you can find a ton of concerts from many years ago and just recently, along with a ton of music documentaries as well. Here are a few we really dig from Quello.

Coachella is debuting a 20 Years In The Making Documentary and it will be rad.

The Lumineers – Live At Musilac 2017
2005 Coachella – Various Artists
Jimi Hendrix – Jim Plays Berkeley
Rage Against The Machine – Live at Finsbury Park
Mumford & Son – Dust and Thunder
The Miles Davis Story
Alabama Shakes – Live at the Metro Theatre

Netflix Concerts

Netflix and Chill, for weeks at a time… Also, we just found out that you can actually stream and watch with your friends! Check this out!

The Rolling Stones
Taylor Swift
Justin Timberlake
ZZ Top

Rockumentaries on Netflix

Lady Gaga – Five Foot Two
Rush – Beyond The Lighted Stage
Keith Richards – Under The Influence
This Was Tomorrow
Bob Marley – Remastered: Who Shot The Sherrif
Hip Hop Evolution
Homecoming: A Film By Beyonce
Joe Cocker: Mad Dog With Soul
Amy Winehouse
Oasis: Supersonic
Echo In The Canyon
Mile Davis: Birth of the Cool
Purple Rain (not really a doc, not really a concert, but a classic none the less)


As luck would have it there just happens to be a playlist already put together on YouTube that has managed to pull the ultimate list of full concerts that have been posted to YouTube. Some are bootleg, some are posted by the band themselves, some are ripped from live broadcasts so your quality may vary, but there are a lot of concerts in this playlist and hats off to the channel that put this together.

Corona Virus Livestream Events

There is a lot of these going on and rather than hunt them all down, here is an awesome list that Billboard put together that seems to cover the spectrum. Huffpost also put together a great list of live streams that you can find here. Vulture has also put together an awesome list of live streaming musicians. You can watch Dead & Company from Austin, TX 12/2/17 on their Facebook page. Billboard’s Facebook page has a ton of options for live streams from various artist’s homes

Also, check out our this Weekly Lineup of live stream performances and events.

Keep The Music Alive

So as we sit around, waiting out the storm, let’s keep the music alive inside. Let’s use this time to have fun, switch things up a bit, call your concert crew and share your favorite memories of festival seasons in the past, and what you look forward to the most about getting out once this whole thing blows over. Let’s be honest, as a society, we have never been more equipped for a nationwide house arrest. Between Netflix, YouTube, Amazon, Food Delivery, and high-speed internet, I am pretty sure there has never been a better time to be stuck inside.

So let’s hunker down and enjoy this downtime. If you want to keep up with the latest in COVID-19 news, be sure to check the actual sources and not get lost in the chaos of the social streams. The CDC’s official website seems to be the best bet and let’s please please please not forget that just because you are young and healthy does not mean that those you may spread it to are.

Above all let’s be kind to one another. It will be difficult as we all go a little stir-crazy in the coming weeks, but it is important that we all stay calm and rock on. Together we can get through this. See you out there when this whole thing blows over!

Also, if you want to go ahead and get your gear for upcoming festivals that don’t get canceled or postponed, then we put together the ultimate music festival packing list with links to Amazon. Keep it real and stay safe fam. We will get through this and won’t it feel good to dance your ass off to your fav with your besties when this whole thing blows over? Yeah, let’s just focus on how good that will feel shale we. 🙂

Be sure to share this with your friends and sign up for the festletters for festival giveaways! Let’s make the most of these strange times!