Festival Clothing Review – Unbound Merino For The Wool Win

When it comes to picking the right outfits to rock at your next music festival, the options are endless and you will have many factors to consider when picking what to go with. Personally, I prefer comfort over everything else. A t-shirt, shorts, hat, and comfortable shoes and I am good to go.

More and more clothing companies are releasing shirts, shorts, hoodies, and more that are made from materials that keep you from smelling which when at a music festival can hands down be one of the best options out there.

Especially at camping festivals such as Bonnaroo, you will want to make sure you are not rocking the conventional cotton t-shirt as those things tend to absorb your sweat and leave the clothing, and you, smelling less than desirable.

There are a few different materials out there that do a much better job of keeping you from smelling up the campsite and Unbound Merino is one of our new favorites for several reasons.

The clothes are all made from premium wool which has several advantages that align beautifully with the festival life. Here are a few:

  1. They Don’t Wrinkle – Their wool fiber resembles a tightly coiled spring, which when pulled recoils back into shape, which is pretty dam cool. The elasticity gives their clothes a luxurious-feeling stretch and it can be tossed into your backpack without a need to fold. Just pull it out of your bag toss it on and you are good to go.
  2. They Don’t Smell – Thanks to their antibacterial properties, you can travel for weeks or spend an entire weekend at a festival without having to wash your shirt. You could literally wear the same one every day and be good to go. Talk about packing light!
  3. Temperature Regulation – The wool is simultaneously breathable and insulating, keeping you warm when it’s cold and staying cool, dry, and comfortable when it’s hot out. I can confirm this is the case. I was worried about wool in warm weather but after wearing the t-shirt on a 90-degree day, I stayed cool and dry all day.
  4. Quick Drying – Because of their wool’s moisture-wicking ability, you’ll be dry and comfortable before you know it, ready to move quickly.

Not only do you have all of the above advantages to their products you will also be super comfortable and look great! The fit is amazing and you can wear them casually at a festival and still look great once you leave the festival grounds and head back into the real world.

My two favorite products are their standard t-shirt and the travel hoodie. Both of these are super comfortable, lightweight, and breathable and the hoodie is perfect for those cool nights when the sun goes down.

Men’s Wool T-Shirt

The men’s wool t-shirt is great for anyone and is so damn comfortable you will forget you are wearing it. I would recommend snagging one of these along with the hoodie below to help you stay warm after the sun goes down. The combo is all you need for the weekend. Along with shorts of course ;).

Unbound Merino T Shirt

Wool Hoodie

The wool hoodie is a perfect addition to your weekend festival travel bag as it will keep you warm when you need a few more degrees and just like the shirt you will be able to wear it all weekend without stinking up the campsite.

Unbound Merino Hoodie

When it comes to festival fashion and choosing the right gear to wear for the weekend, the options are limitless. If you want to be comfortable, stay dry, not stink, and also want to look great, then there are several products by Unbound Merino you would love.