Festival Unity: Look Out For Each Other

When getting ready for a festival the most important thing to pack is a positive attitude. This may sound corny but it really is the most important thing. When thousands of people are together in one place it becomes increasingly more crucial to watch out for one another and view the festival as a community which you are lucky enough to be a part of.

When I began attending shows back in the day one of the things that really drew me in (besides the music of course) was the sense of community which existed among the crowd. If you get knocked down, someone picks you up. If you start feeling overheated, there was always someone there with a water bottle. A code if you will, to keep an eye on your fellow show goer and help each other out. This code sadly seems to be diminishing. A new generation of kids are falling in love with music but seem to be forgetting about the whole show etiquette thing. So here’s a friendly reminder.

We’re all out for the same goal during a festival weekend; to stay alive and really feel alive. To keep your Karma up perhaps take the extra few seconds to think of others every step of the way. Like pack enough beer that when you have a visitor to your campsite you can easily offer them a cold one, or bring an extra bottle of sunscreen so you can donate it to your camping neighbors who forget theirs. Offer to help your neighbors set up their tent after you are done with yours, or set up a little chill area with some shade and extra chairs to invite others to come by and play. Doing these few extra things will ensure that the good vibes continue to come your way all weekend long.

Music festivals are one of the best places on earth to find beautiful people with good souls and positive attitudes. Let’s keep that tradition alive this festival season and be an example to all the newcomers of the scene. It starts with you. If we make an effort, we can send out a message of unity and love which can ripple out and echo on future generations of music loving folks. Let’s look out for one another and make this season EPIC!