Coachella Music Festival

Coachella is the biggest most famous music and arts festival ever. Whenever it’s that time of year, your social media is bombarded by photos of people and celebrities who’ve attended-and looks like a lot of fun! People wearing random costumes and the number of glowsticks seem endless.

Now, you’ve got the opportunity to check it out for yourself. It’s your first time and you know you’ve heard amazing things about it but you have no idea what to bring, where to stay, or how Coachella even is.

But hey, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered, as we bring you the ultimate guide to Coachella for beginners, so don’t stop reading!

Coachella: 20 Years In The Desert is a great glimpse into the world of Coachella. Grab some popcorn and enjoy. 🙂

Where to Stay

The festival grounds are absolutely massive and they seem to be in the middle of nowhere. With over 120,000 people attending each day, where on earth are you going to be staying? Everything seems so far!

You’ve got a few options. The best one would probably be camping on site in a tent or in a van. You want to stay as close to the festival grounds as much as possible because getting in and out of Cochella is overwhelming thanks to the floods of crowds pouring in, not to mention how far everything is within the festival.

There are small downsides to camping on-site. The weather gets unbearably hot, as in, you could practically melt into a puddle. Sleeping in a tent can be uncomfortable and maybe impossible once the sun starts rising.

Bear in mind that you will be partying non-stop in the beating sun, sweating like a pig. Showers and bathrooms aren’t that easily accessible or comfortable to use. You could find porta-potties around the festival but using a porta-potty after it’s been sitting under the scorching sun can be gross.

So, you may have to deal with the filth and stench of yourself for the next couple of days. Bring toiletries if that’s the case, or any other basic necessities that you think you’ll need if you decide to camp there.

What To Bring

When you’ve seen photos of people attending Coachcella, you’re amused at the cute outfits or crazy costumes they’re wearing. Sure, it’s awesome for your feed to dress up with a rockin’  outfit but trust me, not at all comfortable. These people regret wearing their high heels and giant hats later on.

Pack comfortable shoes that are simple to take on and off. Bring outfits that are easy to change into and that won’t make you suffocate in the heat. Especially if you’re camping, you want something that is light to carry.

Don’t forget the essentials such as sunblock and water-but lots of it! You are going to be standing under the sun, listening to bands play for over 12 hours straight and the heat is brutal. You won’t be able to enjoy the festival if you’re dehydrated or got a really bad sunburn so be sure to drink tons of water and reapply your sunblock constantly.

“Can’t I just but water there?” you may ask. Yes, you can. You can walk several minutes to the nearest booth and spend $2 on bottled water after waiting 30 minutes in line. In other words, try to bring your own water.

Other Essentials

Another great tip. Try to avoid any booze until the sun sets. Alcohol and heat can dehydrate you even more and won’t be fun to deal with during a festival with thousands of people.

If you also want to be one of those who constantly post about their experience at Coachella, make sure to have a juiced-up battery pack with you. It would suck not be able to take photos or videos during your favortie performance. You don’t want your phone dying on you unexpectedely.

Don’t forget about what you eat too. Coachella has great foods to offer and no doubt you’ve got to try these foods to gain the authentic Coachella experience. Try to eat enough protein, as it’ll keep your energy levels high enough to keep going throughout the day.

When to Arrive

Simply put-as early as you can! Stages are a bit far apart from each other and as the day goes on, more and more people will be filling the festival grounds, making it ten times harder for you to get to places. Get up early and go!

Get familiarized with the festival grounds and try to locate where the nearest bathrooms are and how to get from stage to stage. You’ll have to know how to move around to get to where you need to go so if you’re there early, try to memorize spots and locations.

What About Safety?

The police department, the fire department, and ambulances are all prepared and ready to intervene in case anything happens. They have got every scenario planned out and know the quickest routes out of the festival in case anything were to happen.

Rarely has there been any reported cases of physical violence on the premisis. Usually the arrests have been alcohol-related crimes and again, the police have it under control each time. They never make it easy for anyone to just simply do as they please.

Even though Coachella offers high security, you should still be cautious of where you go and what you do. If you’re with a group of friends, always have some back-up plan if case you split up.

Who’s Playing

The best part of the festival indeed: watching your favorite artists perform, and there’s always different ones each year! Coachella isn’t just a festival where they only play pop or tecno, but they play all kinds of music. You’ve got artists such as Calvin Harris, Travis Scott, Charli XCX and bands like Rage Against the Machine playing.

You’ll find all kinds of music genres at the festival, so it’s truly a great place for all music-lovers.

Ultimate Guide to Coachella Tip: How to Have More Fun

Yes, you’re already spending tons on attending Coachella. Save a little more, and you can get a VIP pass. This pass will make your experience a lot easier, more comfortable and way more fun. It gives you access to different dining locations where you won’t be eaten alive by a crowd and you’ll get to stand in the VIP section for every show, where most celebrities stand as well.

So, you might actually run into one if you do.

There’s also tons of activities you can find in Coachella. There’s loads of new art every year, fun yard games and markets to explore. Don’t just limit yourself to watching performances. You can even ride on their famous ferris wheel!

You Won’t Miss Out

Keep all this guide to Coachella in hand and you’ll be able to enjoy your first experience at Coachella without having to make the same mistakes as all rookies do.

Want more information on how to get the most out of your festival experiences? Check out the articles our blog has to offer.


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