Music Festivals in Georgia

There are music festivals in Georgia for everyone that cover all genres from rock to EDM and everything in between. Georgia’s pitch-perfect when it comes to worthwhile music events. Sure, Atlanta takes the cake when it comes to major events, but you’ll find plenty to fill your soul with joy at several events dotted all over the state. Pencil these into your festival travels.

Georgia Weather

Georgia is beautiful in the spring and fall, has mild winters, and can be quite hot and humid in the summer. If you are visiting in the spring, it can also get quite rainy which can make for some muddy festival experiences so be sure to check the weather as you prepare for your festival. We also wrote about how to prepare for a rainy festival if you are interested.


Atlanta is well put together for tourists and locals. There is an amazing food scene in areas all over and around the city that is worth checking out. The local transportation is called MARTA and is great for getting to and from the airport, but getting around the city is going to be much easier via Uber or Lyft.

What To See

While in town there are tons of touristy spots like the World of Coke, The Georgia Aquarium, and Centennial Park. If you are feeling super touristy, they are worth checking out, but if you want to step out of the tourist traps, you should check out the Beltline and Ponce City Market, the Little Five Points area is full of great food, tattoo parlors, and live music venues. Midtown is a bit upity and Piedmont Park is a beautiful place with wide-open spaces.

Southern Hospitality

Atlanta is very friendly, as the southern hospitality is still very much a thing and you should enjoy getting to know the locals. There are plenty that would be happy to recommend local eats and attractions or point you in the right direction.

We hope this list of music festivals in Georgia helps you find the festival experience you are looking for. We are always adding to this list of festivals so be sure to check back from time to time. If there is a music festival we have missed, be sure to send us an email and we will get it added to the list.

Georgia Festivals

Shaky Knees Music Festival

Shaky Knees is one of those festivals with such a good vibe that you buy a ticket without checking which acts are playing. It’s a well-established get together of chilled country music, alternative rock, indie rock, and indie-folk fans hell-bent on having a laid-back time.

There’s an older crowd in attendance so there’s less teenage drama and some people have attended every event since this three-day festival started up in 2013.

Atlanta’s the place to be if you want to discover why everybody’s shakin’ their knees.

Imagine Music Festival

Music Midtown’s considered Atlanta’s premier music event, proudly hosted in Piedmont Park every September.

It’s another jack-of-all-trades festival featuring acts from hip hop, rock and roll, pop, and electronic genres which helps thin the crowds a little over this two-day event. There are also plenty of food options to choose from so, you don’t have to queue long for a bite.

The lively, upbeat vibe inside the venue makes up for the stress of fighting through the festival traffic to get there.

Music Midtown

While you’re on the best-behavior bandwagon, why not add something different to your bucket list of festivals?

The Elevate festival, hosted by the Scottsdale Highlands Church, focusses on the Christian genre of music and big names like Chris Tomlin and Vertical Worship are regular attendees.

As expected, the event has an upbeat, feel-good vibe and is well attended every year.

Sweetwater420 Fest

Tens of thousands of music lovers flock to Centennial Olympic Park in Atlanta every April for this multi-genre event.

It does rain in Atlanta at this time of year but that rarely puts a damper on the all-round good vibes. Be sure to prepare for muddy conditions when you’re planning your festival gear though.

Sweetwater 420’s presented by SweetWater Brewing Company, so the ales flow fast and freely too.

Tunes From the Tombs

No, this music festival doesn’t occur over Halloween – although it should!

Tunes from the Tombs is on the go in the historic Oakland Cemetery in June every year.

What’s more, there’s nothing sinister or scary about the gentle village-festival vibe at this multi-genre one-day event in Atlanta.

Tunes From the Tombs is a showcase of local talent both on stage and off, with numerous platforms and plenty of food trucks and stalls for both retail and refreshment therapy.


The AthFest Music and Arts Festival takes place in historic downtown Athens, Georgia. And was first held in 1997.

Showcasing more than 100 bands on three free outdoors stages and a Club Crawl Friday and Saturday nights spanning 14 Athens music venues. The festival includes an artist market, KidsFest, and food and drink vendors.

In 2010, AthFest Educates started the annual AthHalf Half Marathon as an additional fundraiser. The annual festival is a fundraiser for AthFest Educates, which supports local music and arts education for youth in the Athens

Atlanta Jazz Festival

Regarded as the country’s largest free jazz festival, showcasing jazz legends and up coming jazz in great venues throughout Metropolitan Atlanta during the month of May.

The Festival lineup included assortment of jazz sounds and stylings showcasing variety of jazz acts from the best performers in the country.

The Atlanta Jazz Festival culminates each memorial day weekend with show stopping and breath taking performances.

Blind Willie McTell Music Festival

A small festival with a big personality.

Blind Willie McTell Music Festival, one of the finest small festivals in South of Thomson in McDuffie County, with fans and patrons attending all over the United States.

This one-day event is held in honor of Thomson’s Blind Willie McTell, a pioneering guitarist, songwriter and performer recognized internationally as Georgia’s Music Hall of Fame member.

Enjoy the blues that brings great music and honor at Blind Willie McTell Music Festival and not just that there will also be great performances by logal, regional and national musicians, and savor the taste of the local Southern food! Yum!

Savannah Jazz Festival

The Savannah Jazz Festival is an annual celebration of jazz music and was born out of the coastal Jazz Association located in Savannah, Georgia.

And guess what? Admission to the event is free and open to public.

The annual event usually takes place for 8 days during last full week in September each calendar year. Listen and enjoy the diverse lineup of Savannah Jazz Festival!

Candler Park Music Festival

Candler Park Music Festival, the most anticipated festival is held annually at Candler Park, Atlanta Georgia.

Some of the festival’s incredible lineup of funk, blues, bluegrass and soulful swamp rock will keep you on the vibe and keep the people flocking to Candler park for this incredible music.

And did you hear food trucks and local brews? Yes you did! For those who love food trucks, Candler Music Festival has the largest gathering of food trucks, offering a wide range of options! Food and music is always a great tandem.

We have compiled this comprehensive list of music festivals in Georgia, if there are any that we’ve missed that you would like us to add please contact us.


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