Music Festivals in North Dakota

There are music festivals in North Dakota for everyone that cover all genres from rock to EDM and everything in between.

We hope this list of music festivals in North Dakota helps you find the festival experience you are looking for. We are always adding to this list of festivals so be sure to check back from time to time. If there is a music festival we have missed, be sure to send us an email and we will get it added to the list.

ND Country Fest

To kick off our list for the northeast of Dakota’s we chose the ND Country Fest. This festival is a staple for the state, featuring country artists who are known both nationwide and perhaps even globally. The festival is held for 3 days, typically in the month of July in New Salem, North Dakota.

Prairie Pothole Music Festival

The Prairie Pothole Music Festival is another North Dakota favorite. Known as North Dakota’s premier grassroots music and art festival, the event is 3 days long with all sorts of musicians and wild activities! Hosted at the Aurora Knolls Resort and Event Center in Anamoose, North Dakota, if you’re in the city in the month of July, don’t miss this event.

Fargo Blues Festival

You’re a blues fan who happens to live in North Dakota, then you’re in luck! The Fargo Blues Festival is held every year in August for 2-days at the New Outdoor Field. You’ll be treated to blues acts from across the nation!

While you’re on the best-behavior bandwagon, why not add something different to your bucket list of festivals?

The Elevate festival, hosted by the Scottsdale Highlands Church, focusses on the Christian genre of music and big names like Chris Tomlin and Vertical Worship are regular attendees.

As expected, the event has an upbeat, feel-good vibe and is well attended every year.

Keplin Fest

Do you like fiddles? Haha, no we’re serious! Keplin Fest is a 3-day music and camping festival held out in Belcourt, North Dakota each summer in August where you’ll find high-ass energy fiddles and good ol’ country music!

Dak Jam

Dak Jam is a music and arts festival annually held in Minot, North Dakota. It features some cool art and alt musicians. It rocks out hard those 80s, 90s, and 2000s vibes for 2 nights in the late summer month of August.

We have compiled this comprehensive list of music festivals in North Dakota, if there are any that we’ve missed that you would like us to add please contact us.


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