Fractal Beach 2018

A Family Affair

Closed Eye Visuals

For a few days, the tropical paradise of Virginia Key hosted a transformational gathering that was truly utopian. This island became a gathering of the minds: connecting, expressing, and sharing multitudes of art and knowledge. So many wonderful groups of individuals came together to form one giant family, manifesting an experience on this island that was truly a dream, turned reality. Everyone involved played a crucial part of the beauty that occurred over the weekend. There was without a doubt, something for everyone to fully immerse themselves in, no matter their interests. The days consisted of relaxing out on the beach, rejuvenating yourself with some sun salutations, witnessing artists creative flow, and exploring workshops at the collective, Metanoia. As the sun set, the vibes got more electric, turning the grounds into a scene from another planet. RGB and black lights illuminated vendor booths and live painters alike, showcasing their true mastery of the color spectrum. Fractal Beach 2018 was truly a psychedelic wonderland that was sure not to be missed.

What We Heard

Fractal Beach blessed us with 4 official stages that showcased some incredible talent of all varieties. On Saturday, the Mandelbrot Stage was all things jammy and funky, with acts like Higher Learning and Space KadetPapadosio kept it atmospheric, with a incredibly curated performance that couldn’t have been better for Sunday night. The boys at Incendia made sure the Fibonacci stage stayed LIT all weekend, enticing the crowds primal urges with fire domes, flamethrowers attached to the stage, the CREATURES, and some mind blowing fire dancing. Serious Jorge blew me away some some wild DnB/Jungle late in his set Friday night. Stylust Beatscrushed the Fibonacci Stage with his tasteful mix of hip hop and dubstep on Saturday night for the masses. My favorite Fibonacci Stage performance was late Sunday, by The Zebbler Encanti Experience. Encanti launched an assault of mind-melting psydub, as Zebbler digitally amplified our optical experience with his godlike visuals. Sometime during their set an angel graced the stage, performing the perfect trifecta of synapses firing vizzys, vocals, and crunchy beats. I am fully aware Papadosio was playing during this time, but if you missed the aforementioned performance…I feel very bad for you. Another stage, the Serpenski Stage turned into a 3D video mapped face. As you boogied down to some funky house and techno, you could watch it change before your eyes. Last, but not least, was that inflatable beach octopus blowing in the wind. It was here that artists came together to bring us only the dopest of beats, until the fractal sun rose over the waves. A quick flip over a tentacle of the octopus would leave you on the beach, to enjoy chill vibes with incredible, late night fire spinning. My favorite part about these stages was their strategic positioning, which allowed a very short walk between any of the 4. This ensured you could hop between your favorite artists sets with ease!

What We Saw

Music was not the only creative outlet to be enjoyed at this festival. Artists and vendors lined the grounds; showing off everything from wire wrapped sunglasses, crazy fractal beach towels, handmade spirit masks, mind blowing paintings, and digital prints from conscious artists. Metanoia was holding it down with various workshops focusing on the journey of changing one’s mind, self, or way of life from a higher perspective. The original art that lined the walls was sure to expand your mind. This tent was one of my favorite spots of the weekend, with good vibes and thought inducing conversations. The butterfly tent was something fresh and new that I had yet to experience at a festival. There really is something to be said about the metamorphic joy that fills your heart as you are surrounded by hundreds of beautiful monarchs. This was truly a place to relax and connect with nature in a new, profound, and beautiful way. Everyone blessed the people that brought us all the delicious food this weekend. Fractal Beach featured delectable goodies that would satisfy anyone’s bellies and pallets. I’ve never tasted such a solid variety of vegan and vegetarian dishes at a festival. If tea and medicinal herbs are your forte, there was even a bar serving a variety of tea and herb blends. There was even kratom soda for those that like to enjoy the relaxing yet stimulating benefits of this wondrous plant. Music aside, there was such a variety of quality things to be enjoyed about this tropical beach paradise.

All in all, 15/10 would attend Fractal Beach 2019!! And you should, too.  This has been one of my favorite and enlightening smalls gatherings in my 12 years of festival attendance. Such a solid group of individuals – from artists to attendees. All helped curate a perfect and truly memorable weekend that was sure to leave everyone involved blissed for weeks to come. Fractal Beach brought us together for a weekend of expression, setting sail on friendships, old and new.