Getting pumped for CounterPoint Music Festival 2014

The wait is over. We are sooooo excited this week is finally here!!! CounterPoint Music Festival was originally held in Fairburn, GA in 2012 (which was taken over by TomorrowWorld in 2013).

So, the festival was moved to a new location for a new year and new beginning! This week, CounterPoint will take residency in its new home at Steeple Chase in Kingston Downs, GA. The grounds look perfect for a festival. (and apparently, there is plenty of room to grow…so, the organizers are definitely trying to makes something that will move into the future)

Since this is going to basically be a new festival on new grounds, definitely do a little planning and preparing. Although the weather appears to be perfect…it’s April in Georgia so anything can happen. From the forecast, I will go on and recommend bringing a set or two of warm clothes for the night time. **note to self: animal onesies will be perfect for those late night sets** So, definitely think about how it might get chilly at night when you leave camp for the day…in case you don’t have time to come back and re-stock on things. And on that note, make sure to close up tents and bags and boxes that have important things when you leave for the day because there’s a good chance you won’t be back until you’re ready to go to bed. Sometimes, especially in areas near rivers, a lot of condensation falls to the ground when the sun goes down. Believe me, you don’t want that wetness all up in your tent when you’re ready to crash for the night.

Looks like there will be plenty of room for exploring! There will also be other activities…check out these schedules!

Box office hours:
Thursday: 4PM – 24 hours
Friday: 24 hours – 10PM
Saturday: 10AM – 10PM
Sunday: 10AM – 10PM

Venue Hours:
Thursday: Not Open (Camp Ground & Midway only)
Friday: 3PM – 2AM
Saturday: 12PM – 2AM
Sunday: 12PM – 1AM

Things you CAN bring:
(into the venue)
– factory sealed water bottles
– empty plastic containers for water
– flag or balloon
– ear plugs
– a camera
– small camping chairs
(into camping area)
– small propane stoves are permitted only in approved Picnic Areas

Things you CANNOT bring:
– no glass of any kind
– no weapons
– no paint (including paint markers and spray paint)
– no fireworks
– no illegal substances
– no open fires
– no vending with out permit
– no bikes, scooters, go carts, or ATVs
– no pets
– no coolers (in venue area – allowed in camping area)
– no box trucks
– no generators
– no kegs

Go to for any other questions! And remember to have A BLAST!!!!