Getting Ready for Electic Forest

Electric Forest has condensed back to one weekend. The festival has definitely experienced its share of growing pains. In 2016, before expanding to 2 weekends, fans complained that the festival was oversold both in the campgrounds and in the venue.

The Ranch Arena can only hold so many people… that Saturday night Bassnectar set has always tested the limits of such a stage. As the festival returns to a single weekend, tickets sold out in record time. So, the hope is that organizers have found a good compromise with the number of tickets and the size of the venue. We shall see…

There is always the electric forest lineup to satisfy all of your music needs. No matter what your style may be, Electric forest will never disappoint. From the deep house sets, you can find in Tripoli to the Bassnectar Sets that will take over the Ranch Arena there is music for everyone!

Electric Forest is known for its great food options. People come here just for the food because it is so good! They have everything from Pineapple Express Tacos to Bacon Wrapped Water Chestnuts. If you are craving some tacos or Korean bbq you must check out the electric forest food options!

If you are camping at electric forest there is a great chance that they have showers on-site for electric forest campers. So when you are feeling all dirty from dancing in the dirt, come to the electric forest and refresh with one of their showers.

Electric Forest has always provided clean bathrooms so no need to worry about coming here dirty!!!

The electric forest Campgrounds are what really make an electric forest stand out. The electric forest campgrounds are known for their art installations, late-night parties, and also some hidden gems in the woods. There are several camping areas including Yellow World which was featured in an episode of Broad City with Abbi + Ilana. So if you love being surrounded by art and making new electric forest friends then electric forest camping is the place to be.

Do not worry about what to wear at the electric forest, there is always a creative theme for electric forest each year. In 2018 they are bringing back their famous Red Forest Theme so you must be dressed in red! In previous years they have had so many fun themes including wearing your favorite superhero or Disney character outfit. So if you want to have super fun outfits from past electric forests definitely check out

So no matter what your style is, just keep on coming back to the electric forest because it never gets old! With a great lineup of music, amazing food, creative costumes, and funny costumes, and just an all-around good time electric forest is a must every summer!

Other than the capacity concern, there really isn’t much else to worry about, going into the weekend. Electric Forest offers a unique haven for a wide variety of festival-goers. We’ve compiled a quick hit-list of tips for the event, going from basic to a little more specific and experience-based.

Getting There

Many electric forest travelers come from the surrounding area. Getting to the electric forest is as easy as following I-75 southbound until you see signs for Muskegon, MI, and head east. From here, follow Highway 31 directly into Michigan which will drop you off at electric forest HQ.

Venue & Campsite Map:

  • Address = 7100 S. Water Rd, Montague, MI
  • The festival is open 24 hours a day from Wednesday (6/27) @ 12:00 PM until Monday (7/2) at 12:00 PM
  • Gate closes at 2:00 AM Sunday morning for all patrons and reopens at 8:00 AM each morning.
  • No re-entry after 4:30 AM Sunday morning.
  • Gate will close at 11:00 PM each night for all patrons.
  • No re-entry after 12:30 AM each night for safety concerns and to ease traffic congestion.
  • Please plan accordingly as you will not be allowed to leave the grounds until the gate opens in the mornings. We appreciate your cooperation.
  • Prepare for long lines, to get into campground areas. Gates will be opening Friday and throughout the weekend.
  • Make sure your gas tank is FULL before getting inline, to get into electric forest campgrounds.

What You Need to Know

Electric Forest HQ: If you ever have any issues or questions electric forest has a great team of people at electric forest HQ giving away free water and keeping fans hydrated and happy! Definitely don’t forget to stop by electric Forest HQ because they always have some fun and free stuff going on there!!!

Camping: Camping can be either a very rewarding experience, or an absolute pain in the ass depending on where exactly your camp is. There are several electric forest campsites, and they can be quite different depending on where you want to camp.

Need a Shower: Electric forest has showers located in the electric forest campgrounds that cost $10 for electric forest patrons. It’s totally worth it though, because who doesn’t like a nice hot shower after camping?

Water: The water at Electric Forest is also tested and chlorinated so the electric forest can assure all of its patrons that there is no bad stuff in the water! So drink up electric forest goers, because we got some awesome hydration!!!

So yeah… that’s pretty much all you need to know about the electric forest before making your decision on if you should attend electric forest or not.

Hope this electric forest guide helped you out, electric forest goers!!!  

Daily Music Schedules:


Helpful Tips:

  • Electric forest is a cashless event. Don’t bring your wallet unless you really have to!
  • Don’t take your time at the Main Entrance. It gets very congested with cars & it affects traffic for everyone if you let your friends cut in line, etc., or if you don’t keep moving.
  • Leave an itinerary and contact info with someone outside of electric forest; we aren’t responsible for your loss if you get lost!
  • There are electric forest Rangers located around the electric forest campgrounds. If you have any questions or concerns please go to one of these spots & they will be able to help you.
  • Have someone in the real world send you money through Venmo or Paypal forests, and go withdraw it at electric ATM machines. Make
  • Sure to give the electric forest a generous tip for this service.
  • Bag Policy, into the Venue: Expedited entry for Clear or No Bags (highly encouraged…that venue line can get extremely long during peak hours).
  • Expect a long line to get into camping – this is unavoidable but you can prepare by filling up on ice & gas before getting in line.
  • Totems can’t be taller than 7ft & not made of wood or metal.
  • Water, into the Venue: sealed bottles (up to one gallon) & empty camelbacks are allowed.
  • Respect the hammocks!! Hammocks are part of the culture of the Forest. Patrons will put up a hammock and leave it up all weekend, expecting it to be there every day. Don’t move them.
  • Get lost in the forest…at least once! There’s so much hidden in there!
  • Don’t get overwhelmed. Forest has a lot going on, from the music to the activities to the forest itself. Take it slow. If you need a breath of fresh air, escape for a little bit.

MUST HAVE (include as many as you can):

  • Charging LOCK for your electric devices (phones, speakers, etc.)
  • One set of clothes per day. You really only need a week’s worth because showers are available and you can do laundry at electric laundromat machines too.
  • Toothbrush and Paste, $3 for electric toothbrush at electric forest hotel / electric toothbrush $5.
  • Battery pack to charge phones (totally worth it)
  • Wet wipes/baby wipes for bathroom situations.
  • Backpacks, fanny packs, or anything with pockets (bring stuff in your pocket!)
  • Earplugs (again, trust me)They’re really not that expensive and in my opinion, they are a must-have in the electric forest.
  • Don’t bring your $1,000 camera. There is so much going on in electric forest and you will want to dance and be in the moment rather than spend time taking pictures.
  • Bring a bandana to keep the dust out of your face, or make it into a headband!

Don’t be afraid to branch out and try new things

Electric Forest offers EPIC food options like elk burgers, buffalo chicken sandwiches, bacon-wrapped hot dogs, turkey legs (OMG they ARE SO GOOD)!!!!! Electric forests food is crazy good!!!

The electric forest knows what’s up when it comes to making delicious foods that are easy on the wallet too!!!! Electric forests line up is insane with SO MANY amazing artists!!! Electric forest never gets old because there is always something NEW and exciting going on Electric Forrest goers!!!

Check out the electric forest forums for more details on electric forest once you get there!

*Electric Forests Global Warming Statement*

Electric Forest is taking this electric forest festival season’s carbon footprint very seriously by implementing several electric forest measures to electric forest goers in 2019. Highlights of electric forests GDW statement include:

  • Food Vendors will be providing only compostable goods
  • Dominant electric forest food vendors are offering water bottle refill stations throughout the electric forest campgrounds & Venue. This will reduce plastic waste and give electric forest goers easy access to recycling/composting bins when disposing of their used items.
  • Concert goers can look forward to low-flow restrooms that conserve both electric power and water usage!!! The electric forest has TWO sets of porta potties electric forests porta-potties are electric forest goers’ best electric friend!!!! Electric forests porta-potties are so efficient that electric forest is actually able to recycle them after an electric forest is over for the season!!!

Electric forests take their GDW very seriously and it shows with all of the electric measures electric forest has in place!

Electric Forest FAQs:

Q1: How old do you have to be to attend Electric Forest?

A1: You must be 15+ to enter Electric Forest. However, there are no age restrictions in the campgrounds, but any children under 10 should always be accompanied by an adult. Everyone entering The Festival grounds MUST have their own wristband no exceptions! Don’t forget to pick up your electric forest wristband before electric forest starts.

Q2: How do electric forest ticket sales work?

A2: Tickets are available for purchase online only. There is no box office at the electric forest. Once you have purchased tickets, they can be printed out or scanned from your mobile phone at electric forest gates.

Q3: Do electric forest tickets sell out?

A3: YES!!! Electric forest tickets almost always sell out so electric forest goers need to be very quick when electric forest tickets go on sale. There are 2 electric forest sales per year, one before electric summer and one before electric fall. Electric forest tickets will go on sale in January 2019 for electric summer 2019 and electric forest tickets will go on sale in November 2018 for electric fall 2018.

Q4: Does electric forest offer electric transportation?

A4: No, however, there are electric shuttle options. Click here to be taken to the Electric Shuttle website!

Q5: What electric forest merchandise will electric Forrest be offering?

A5: The official electric forest merch store has launched! They offer electric forest apparel (both men’s & women’s items), electric forest commemorative, BSHM merch, and electric forest totes/bags.

For more information, head to the festival website or download the app: Have fun and make sure you enjoy every adventure.