Electric Forest has condensed back to one weekend. The festival has definitely experienced its share of growing pains. In 2016, before expanding to 2 weekends, fans complained that the festival was oversold both in the campgrounds and in the venue. The Ranch Arena can only hold so many people…that Saturday night Bassnectar set has always tested the limits of such a stage. As the festival returns to a single weekend, tickets sold out in record time. So, the hope is that organizers have found a good compromise with the number of tickets and size of the venue. We shall see…

Other than the capacity concern, there really isn’t much else to worry about, going into the weekend. Electric Forest offers a unique haven for a wide variety of festival goers. We’ve compiled a quick hit-list of tips for the event, going from basic to a little more specific and experience-based.

Getting There:

  • Address = 7100 S. Water Rd, Montague, MI
    • Early Arrival Camp Grounds: Wednesday, 6/26 at NOON CST
    • GA Camp Grounds: Thursday, 6/27 at MIDNIGHT CST
    • Venue Gates Open: Thursday, 6/27 at 1:30pm & NOON the rest of the weekend
  • Prepare for long lines, to get into campground areas.
    • Make sure your gas tank is FULL before getting in line

Venue & Campsite Map:

Daily Music Schedules:

Helpful Tips:

  • Bag Policy, into the Venue: Expedited entry for Clear or No Bags (highly encouraged…that venue line can get extremely long during peek hours).
  • Expect a long line to get into camping – this is unavoidable but you can prepare by filling up on ice & gas before getting in line.
  • Totems can’t be taller than 7ft & not made of wood or metal.
  • Water, into the Venue: sealed bottles (up to one gallon) & empty camelbacks are allowed.
  • Respect the hammocks!! Hammocks are part of the culture of Forest. Patrons will put up a hammock and leave it up all weekend, expecting it to be there every day. Don’t move them.
  • Get lost in the forest…at least once! There’s so much hidden in there!
  • Don’t get overwhelmed. Forest has a lot going on, from the music to the activities to the forest itself. Take it slow. If you need a breath of fresh air, escape for a little bit.

For more info, head to the festival website or download the app: electricforestfestival.com