Getting Ready for The Hangout

Only a few more days!  Time to pack up those bikinis and beach towels and get on down to Gulf Shores for a weekend of sun, fun, and unbelievable shows!  Before you head off, here’s a little about how to be prepared for the awesome Hangout weekend.

First things first, don’t forget your wristband!!! At every festival I end up talking to some poor soul who got hours down the road or even all theway there before realizing they forgot their ticket.  This is a buzz kill, and quite a crappy start to the festivities, so don’t let it happen to you!  Go right now and pack your wristband, ID, and cash!

The weather report calls for plenty of sunshine, so it is important to remember your sunblock!  I like to pack a variety of options to make sure I’m all covered (literally).  I pack spf 30 or higher waterproof/sport for face, arms, and shoulders, 15 for legs, feet, and back, 70 for my tattoos, and spray-on to throw in my pack for quick touch-ups.  This works well for me, but whatever you do just pack something!

Bring a refillable water container!  Staying hydrated is very important, especially if you are planing on drinking in the sun all day.  There are water refill stations available inside the grounds.  Last year the line for these was pretty long so filling a water bladder or large container can save you from having to wait in line as often.  I like to bring Pedialyte or other drink enhancement packets to add to my water.  These are small and easy to toss in your pack, but they can help add vitamins, electrolytes, and variety to your water to keep you drinking plenty of it.  Coconut water is also a good source of re-hydration.  Throw back one of these when youwake up and before you go to bed to keep your system happy and avoid those pesky hangovers.

Chairs, umbrellas  and Sunbrellas are not allowed inside the venue, so you have to get creative so you can make yourself comfortable.  Some folks like to bring a tiny plastic shovel or Frisbee to dig a hole and create a sort of sand couch.  You can spread a towel over it and make a nice little chill spot.   A small spray bottle full of ice cold water can be nice for misting off while walking around to avoid overheating, and big floppy beach hats will keep the sun off your face during the hot days.

The weather report calls for less than 20% chance of rain with sunny warm days, highs of 78 and lows of 66.  The ocean breezes can be a little cool at night so pack light layers as well as those bathing suits to be comfortable for the long haul.  A lot of walking will be done on sand so bring shoes that are easy to slip off and on.  I like to wear Tevas that velcro for quick on and off, and strap easily to my backpack so I don;t loose them in the sand.  Lots of items can get lost in the sand, so every time you switch locations be sure to check around for cell phones, wallets, sunglasses, etc.

Get in shape!  This is not so that you look hot in a bathing suit, though I’m sure that would be nice.  As mentioned before, a lot of walking will be done on sand and this can get tiring by the end of the weekend.  Festivals are always a little hard on the body but this one in particular can ware you out, so get up and moving these next few days!

Don’t forget transportation.  There is no parking at this festival, and no camping on site, so you will need to work out a way to get there and back.  Shuttle passes are on sale and have many locations to catch a ride.  These are a little pricey but you will be guaranteed a ride.  Cabs and the Chevy cabs (free for all Hangout patrons if you can find one) will also be an option.  Bike racks are available on site, or you can always hop in the back of a truck if you can find a willing driver.  Just be safe!

Start getting excited!  Just a few more days until we get to see all of your smiling faces on the beach.  Hope you find these tips helpful, and feel free to leave comments and add your own.  Save travels!