Less Than One Week Til’ Electric Forest 2016

We can’t hide the excitement any longer… this time next week, we will be deep in the Forest.

There’s a magical thing that happens (among the other magical things at Forest) on Saturday evening at The Ranch Stage. We won’t spoil the surprise…but you don’t ever want to miss THAT String Cheese Incident set into THAT Bassnectar set.

Something feels different about this year – maybe the scene is growing up a little bit, the community is stronger than ever, and it seems as if all the die-hard fans will be making the journey to Rothbury.

Electric Forest has begun separating itself above and beyond the ‘EDM Bubble’ as the ONLY festival in America to sellout prior to the lineup being announced (other than Coachella, but that’s a whole different animal at this point). Bringing the biggest names, newest talents, and everything in between – this years lineup is already one for the books. Here’s a few tips to having the most successful festival possible ?

Step 1: Don’t get lost, Carl. (and pray you don’t have to camp in Camp Blueberry…they have shuttles, which are pretty reliable but they’re not ideal after a wild Saturday night/morning in the Forest)

HERE’s the Good Life Camping map

Oh, and last year, the organizers decided NOT to print out maps/schedules for everyone in an effort to save paper. I found one from a friend in the Good Life campground but General Admission patrons were mostly stuck without the handy pamphlets. I would definitely recommend taking snapshots of the maps and schedules on your phone to have the images accessible, if the same “Greening” efforts are made this year.

Step 2: Discover the MUSIC – after all, that’s what really brings us all together. There really is soooo much diversity at EForest this year!

Our Suggestions (But seriously don’t miss these acts): 

Lane 8 (Deep House, Techno): https://soundcloud.com/lane8music/midnight
EPROM (Bass, Future): https://soundcloud.com/alphapup/alix-perez-eprom-chiron-1
Caspa B2B Rusko (ALL of the dirty bass): https://soundcloud.com/dubstep/caspa-rusko-blouse-an-skirt
Stephen (sexy yet introspective, R&B influenced, indie beats): https://soundcloud.com/ithinkimcrashin/flydown
SHOOKA (self  proclaimed “basshouse”): https://soundcloud.com/allgoodrecs/introducing-shooka
Louis Futon (Trap & Future Bass): https://soundcloud.com/louisfuton/rufus-du-sol-you-were-right-louis-futon-remix

Non-EDM World Suggestions: 
The Disco Biscuits, Gallant, Marian Hill, Soul Clap, Broccoli Samurai, Raury, Aqueous, The Drunken Hearts

Step 3: Have fun. Be safe.
Look out for each other, party responsibly, and lend a helping hand when someone needs it!
Safe travels to everyone getting up there! Carpooling is suggested and shuttles are available. We suggest using Waze (https://www.waze.com/) to report traffic updates, and here’s the physical address (http://www.electricforestfestival.com/experience/getting-here/) for the grounds. It’s about more than dance music and lasers. Its about love. See ya there!

Weather Outlook: It really couldn’t get much better! It gets really chilly at night, so bring a sweatshirt, leggings, fleece onesie…whatever you want to keep ya warm! As always, prepare for the unpredictable summer showers.

This article is a dope collab feat. Ross Hepner, newcomer to the FSG Team!