High Water Festival

The High Water Music Festival is Charleston’s most anticipated musical extravaganza! Nestled in the heart of South Carolina’s charming coastal city, this festival is a haven for music enthusiasts, adventure seekers, and culture lovers alike.

Picture this: a weekend filled with the melodious strains of indie, folk, country, and rock, set against the backdrop of Charleston’s historic beauty and southern charm.

High Water isn’t just a festival; it’s an experience. It’s where the rhythms of renowned and emerging artists meet the culinary delights of the South, where the music’s energy blends seamlessly with the city’s vibrant culture.

Whether you’re a die-hard music fan eager to catch your favorite bands, a foodie looking to savor local cuisine, or someone who loves to soak in the festive vibe amidst historic sites and natural beauty, High Water has something for everyone.

From the sounds to the settings, the festival is a symphony of experiences. It’s a place where memories are made, where friendships are forged over shared melodies and stories are written in the heart of Charleston.

So, gear up for an adventure that promises not just concerts, but a celebration of music, culture, and community.

**All photos courtesy of Highwater Music Festival


High Water Music Festival: Your Ultimate Guide

Getting There: Smooth Sailing to the Beats

  • Access: Charleston International Airport for flyers; downtown Charleston shuttles.
  • Parking: Pre-booked and general parking options; bike parking for locals.
  • Recommendation: Book transportation early for convenience.

Setting the tone for an unforgettable weekend, getting to the High Water Festival is a breeze. For the high-fliers, Charleston International Airport is your gateway, and from there, shuttle services will whisk you directly to the festival vibes. Driving in? No worries! There’s ample parking, but remember to pre-book for that VIP feeling. And for the eco-friendly, biking to the beats is not only cool but also kind on the planet.

Camping vs. Cozy Beds: Choose Your Adventure

  • Camping: Nearby options like James Island County Park.
  • Hotels & Airbnb: Wide range from luxury to budget in Charleston.
  • Tip: Accommodations fill up fast, so book early!

While High Water doesn’t offer camping on-site, the nearby James Island County Park is a camper’s delight, offering a serene setting under the stars. If you’re more of a ‘bed and shower’ festival-goer, Charleston’s range of hotels and Airbnb’s, spanning from luxurious to quaint, awaits your booking. Remember, these spots are as sought-after as front-row festival tickets, so snap them up early!


Charleston’s Charms: More Than Just Music

  • Attractions: Historic Downtown, Folly Beach, plantation tours.
  • Lodging: Diverse options in Charleston, from high-end to budget.
  • Explore: Immerse in Charleston’s history and cuisine.

The festival is just the beginning. Charleston invites you to explore its historic streets, relax at Folly Beach, or dive into history with plantation tours. These experiences add depth to your festival journey, blending tunes with cultural treasures.

Musical Melange: The Heartbeat of High Water

  • Genres: Indie, folk, country, rock.
  • Artists: Mix of renowned and emerging talents.
  • Specials: Unique collaborations, surprise performances.

High Water is a symphony of sounds, featuring an eclectic blend of genres. The lineup is a curated mix of chart-toppers and soon-to-be stars, offering something for every musical palate. Be on the lookout for those special, unscripted moments that define High Water’s magic.


Feasting Festively: A Culinary Concert

  • Diversity: Local Southern cuisine, vegan/vegetarian options.
  • Food Trucks: Quick, diverse, delicious.
  • Must-Try: Local Charleston delicacies.

Festival food here is a headline act in its own right. With a spread that includes Southern soul food, health-conscious options, and everything in between, your taste buds are in for a treat. Don’t miss the local flavors – they’re like the secret headliners of your culinary lineup!

Festival Prep 101: Rocking it Right

  • Essentials: Water bottles, sun protection, festival wear.
  • Tech: Festival app for real-time updates.
  • Payments: Cashless options available.
  • Packing List: Check out our Ultimate Festival Packing List so you don’t forget a thing!

Your festival experience is as good as your prep. Essentials like reusable water bottles, comfortable yet chic outfits, and sun protection are non-negotiable. The festival app keeps you in the know, and cashless payments mean more time enjoying and less time queuing.


Weather or Not, Let’s Dance

  • Typical Climate: Warm, sunny April days; potential for rain.
  • Advice: Pack rain gear if it is forecasted, and layers for evening chills.

April in Charleston is generally warm and sunny – perfect for festival frolicking. But it’s wise to pack for the occasional rain dance and cooler evenings. This way, you’re ready to rock, rain or shine!

Insider’s Guide: Maximize the Magic

  • Arrival: Get there early for the best experience.
  • Explore: Local vendors, and craft booths.
  • Well-being: Stay hydrated, eat healthy, and get plenty of sleep leading up to and during the festival.


Arriving early gives you the lay of the land and the best spots for stage viewing. Wander the festival grounds to discover local crafts and unique vendor offerings. And remember, the true festival pro knows when to party and when to rest and hydrate.

As the final notes of the High Water Music Festival fade away and you find yourself reflecting on an unforgettable weekend, remember that this festival is more than just a series of concerts. It’s a journey through diverse musical landscapes, a taste of Charleston’s rich cultural tapestry, and an encounter with a community united by the love of music.

Whether you danced under the sunny skies, discovered new favorite artists, indulged in the best of southern cuisine, or simply soaked in the vibrant atmosphere, High Water has hopefully left an indelible mark on your heart.

And as you carry these memories back to your everyday life, let the spirit of High Water – a blend of harmony, joy, and community – stay with you, reminding you of the magic that happens when music and culture collide in one of the most beautiful cities in the South.

Until next year, keep the music playing and the memories alive, and remember that High Water Music Festival will always be here, waiting to welcome you back to its melodious embrace. 🎵🌊

Get more information and your tickets at: highwaterfest.com