How to Prepare Your Day Pack

Backpacks are by far one of the most handy things to bring to a festival.  Even at smaller festivals, it may be quite a walk from your campsite into the venue. Properly preparing a good pack for the day can mean more time jamming and less time walking. Here are some suggestions to keep you going during your fun-filled day.

Some of these items can be altered depending on factors like weather, length of time you will be away, and your “habits”, but for the most part this is a catch all kind of list:

water-this can be bottles, reusable containers, camel pack, etc.

sunscreen-the spray on kind can be helpful for refreshing your coverage throughout the day

snacks-easy grab and go snacks like granola bars and crackers can keep your energy up and hold you over between meals.  They can also be handy to hcatch-alld in case you get an upset stomache or feel you’ve had too much to drink

toilet paper-you can find camping toilet paper in stores which is in a little roll convieniently packed in a small plastic container.  This kind can be very useful because it’s compact and water resistant.  However you pack it, it’s nice to have around when the port-a-potties run out after a long day.

hand sanitizer-keeping a small bottle of this around can be helpful for a number of reasons.  You can use it before grabbing a meal, after using the bathroom, or if you get any small cuts

Band-Aids– mishaps happen.  People fall down, step on things, and get blisters.  As an accident prone person I find it nice to have them near by just in case.

small towel-this may seem an odd choice but it has come in very handy in the past, like when I drop my beer all over by backpack, when we are sweating through our clothes, or when some nice festy goer let his dog crap on the ground where people sit.  Thanks by the way!  If you do sit in dog poop the other items, like hand sanitizer and water will also be good to have…

flashlight-you may leave for the shows while it is light out but return after the sun goes down.  It can be tricky to find your campsite when it is pitch black.  It’s also good for finding your way around the port-a johns after they get good and gross later in the night.  Small flashlights work well and headlamps are extremely convienient.


warm layers-depending on the weather you should pack at least a few warmer items to have at hand after the sun goes down.  I like to pack a small long sleve even at hot summer shows, because sometimes I get too much sun and my hot skin feels chilly at night (for girls I have discovered that
packing leggings is a really easy way to stay warm because they do not take up much room, the are easy to put on, and they can provide a lot of warmth when you need it). But for all it’s good to have something warm on hand just in case.

camera-have it ready to piece together your night later or document your awesome festy experience

If it looks like rain you should also pack a poncho or raincoat and some small plastic bags to cover anything you don’t want to get wet.

Other optional items may include: extra smokes, lighters, coozies, blankets, spray bottles full of cold water, frisbee, water guns, bubbles, stage schedule, flask (if you hide it), and anything else you want to have around.

Hope you found this article helpful!  If I left anything out, or if you have some helpful tips, good jokes, or silly thoughts, please leave some comments.  Have a good show!

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