IMF 2016 – Our Top Picks

So, this is a little out of ordinary for us at FSG…

…but this lineup is TOO GOOD not to talk more about it!!! It really is amazing for this company to put together such a stacked lineup. As I’ve said before, Iris Presents, is the main company credited with creating Imagine Music Festival in Atlanta, Georgia. They typically run out of a smaller club in Atlanta called Rush Lounge. They’ve made a name for themselves by bringing quality DJs and producers to the area and creating a community of like-minded fans. I believe this is one way they’ve been able to get so many great artists to come out again and again to their events and festivals like this years’ IMF at the Atlanta Motor Speedway. Here are some best set predictions going into the weekend – so, check these artists out to see if I’m right!

Best Bass Heavy Set: Caspa & Rusko

These two are no stranger to IMF – both played separate sets at the inaugural event in 2014. Honestly, they have both played sets that land in my top 5 favorite IMF sets of all time! I think it’s pretty cool that they are both coming back and will be playing together. Besides that, these two have been tearing up the festival scene across the US for the last year. Their styles blend together perfectly for a unique, uptempo, in-your-face sound. It’s cool to see a couple of the international icons of dubstep play together! Atlanta is lucky to have an event like IMF to bring them here.

Best Full Band Experience: Ott. & the All-Seeing I

This is something I have never experienced but I’ve only heard great things and can’t wait to pop my Ott. cherry with the full All-Seeing I experience. Since Ott put out a new solo album, Fairchildren, he and fellow All-Seeing I band mates have been planning songs for a new collaborative album! They will be testing out some of these songs in special live festival settings, like IMF. This set is bound to wrinkle the fabrics of time and question reality…you know, typical Ott stuff ?

Best Out-Of-Left-Field Set: Moon Hooch

Ok, this might be biased…I’ve loved these guys for a few years! Moon Hooch is a simple band featuring 3 guys (probably without shirts on): one on drums and 2 on varying forms/styles of saxophones. That’s it and they are incredible! They play a mixture of original and cover material. They’ve even branded their style as “cave music”, which is pretty accurate considering they got their start playing in the cave-like environment of the subway platforms of Brooklyn. If you want to see something completely unique and different and mesmerizing…catch Moon Hooch!

Best Hometown Hero: Herobust

Ok, this was an obvious but well deserved choice – Herobust is clearly The Biggest Name out of the EDM mecca that is Georgia. It’s no secret Herobust has been doing an incredible job in the last couple of years. It’s been awesome to see him gain national attention. With his most recent release on Mad Decent, he has proven his worth and viability on the scene. Oh, and he recently #BUSTED one of my favorite all-time songs, “Destroy Them With Lazers” by Knife Party!

Best Local Support: Andy Bruh

I was so impressed with Andy Bruh’s set last year during his 5 o’clock set at the Imaginarium Stage. Not only was his set super fun but he filled that place up! Andy is actually from Athens, a short drive from Atlanta and full of music lovers. It was cool to see how many fans of Andy’s showed up to support him while some pretty big other sets were going on. Actually, you can just listen to the set to see what I’m talking about. Make sure to catch him for his second IMF appearance this year!

Best Headliner: Nero

This was probably the hardest decision to make. I’m SOOOO happy with the headliners for this festival. Dillon Francis plays some of the most energetically fun sets I’ve ever seen, I always love the bass-heavy Excision sets (and we all know he has a special place in his heart for Atlanta), Zeds Dead and Adventure Club have both been on their A-game recently, and of course…I’ll get to witness my first Disco Biscuits set!

But I have to go with Nero here. They are one of my all-time favorite electronic artists. I actually saw them for my first “rave” on a random Sunday at the Masquerade in 2010. I haven’t seen them with the full group since then! I am beyond excited to experience the apocalyptic songs that will surely usher us into another level of reality. Plus, I’ve never seen them perform songs off of their newest album, Between II Worlds. With the increased production the festival creators have promised, this set is poised to be beyond epic! To convince you a little more…check out their full set from Coachella last year.

Alright, I’ll leave y’all with those suggestions. Again, this lineup has so much more than these highlights. I don’t think you’ll have a bad time or see any lack-luster sets the last weekend of August at Imagine!

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