IMF: Atlanta’s little EDM festival that ROCKS!

There are a few Georgia events that make me proud to reside in Georgia and be part of its sprawling music industry.

TomorrowWorld is one. Duh…because it’s freaking TomorrowWorld! And Imagine Music Festival is another on that short list. This year will be its second in existence. However, this festival has made bigger waves than some veteran festivals in the southeast. Presented by a small but formidable Atlanta company, IRIS Presents, IMF 2015 has become a highly anticipated event! The two day festival will take place on the same grounds as last year, utilizing both the Masquerade and it’s outdoor event area along with Historic Fourth Ward Park and the Clear Creek Basin. The park was recently renovated and has a really nice flow to it. It’s a perfect spot for a city festival. One of the only complaints I heard last year, was that there was a little of a sound bleed from the two larger stages. The map for the 2015 event looks like there have been some adjustments to the layout. Last year, rain on the first evening dampened the events briefly as festival goers were evacuated for a short time. The festival did a great job getting everyone back in and resuming the music. I also noticed the grounds didn’t seem like they were damaged by the rain water combined with thousands of people. I’ve seen some festivals’ vibes completely altered after a rain storm because everything turns to mud. So, even if there’s a chance for rain (very likely…because this is Georgia in August after all), the grounds should hold up! As of right now, it looks like it will be a lovely 90 degrees for the high and in the upper 60s for the low. I’m not even going to try to guess the rain chances yet!

Imagine Music Festival is going to attempt quite a feat in offering even more than last year! Other than the stellar lineup (but seriously, this lineup is one of the strongest 2 day festival ones I have seen all year), the festival is going to create an atmosphere of exploration and immersion. There is a new area this year called The Lost City of Imaginarium. The area will be host to an array of activities and art. It will be a lovely place to expand some knowledge and inner wakefulness. Returning to the festival grounds is the Incendia project. This awesome multi geo dome area is a great chill spot on the grounds! IMF is also offering free yoga classes in the morning for local attendees or anyone staying close to the venue. Check out the schedule.

The festival has partnerships with Red Bull, Mike’s Hard and Uber among others. I’m excited about that last one. It was very helpful to have quick and easy transportation to and from the festival in the city. After the festival, there are shows at the Masquerade. Apparently, these will feature IMF headliners. I’m definitely interested to see who sticks around to keep the masses moving after 11PM. Last year, Liquified (a rival company to IRIS), hosted Dada Life at Opera as an unofficial after party. Nothing has been announced on either side yet…which kind of makes me more excited! Who knows, maybe they are working together on something crazy big!!!

So, if you haven’t noticed…I’m stoked for this weekend in Atlanta at Imagine Music Festival! It’s not surprising IMF has had so much great press over the year. I hope they can fulfill everyone’s high expectations! (I know they will ? )

Some general info that might help, especially for those traveling to Atlanta…
1) Box office is open 10AM – 10PM and gates open at 11AM each day (final sets are done at 11PM)
2) IMF is 18+ (hoorayyyyy!!)
3) Normal prohibited items. Empty camelbacks, glow things and totems are all allowed!
4) Parking is VERY limited. There are some neighborhood and streets you can try near the venue…tread lightly though, I saw multiple lots get cleared by tow trucks last year. A lot at the Atlanta Medical Center (Btwn Highland Ave & Ralph McGill Blvd NE – address is 303 Parkway Dr NE, Atlanta, GA 30312-1212) is reserved for festival goers with shuttles running from 10AM – 3:30AM.
Please be careful going to and from the venue or out to an afterparty!!!

More info and tickets: