Keep The Party Moving with Festi Cab

Navigating a festival can be difficult for many reasons.   Your legs may not want to cooperate because you’ve been raging all weekend, you don’t remember how to get back to where you are camped, your friends partied a little too hard and you are the designated baby-sitter, or maybe you just arrived and have to carry all of your gear to your campsite.

We’ve all experienced these little moments that can sometimes put the brakes on the party for a short time.  As a professional festi-navigator, I’ve seen all these things in action.  I’d like to offer some tips and tell you about a service that will hopefully help you navigate the mud, mountains, forests, and parties, to ensure you survive the adventure this festival season.

Festi-Cab is a service that is offered at festivals across the country.  It’s exactly what it sounds like: a festival taxi service.  For a small fee you can catch a ride anywhere you need to go.  Whether it’s  needing a lift to catch your favorite band on time, hauling gear or ice, not feeling like you have what it takes to get back to camp, wanting to feel pampered, or just feel a breeze on your face, Festi-Cab can help.

A quick guide to how Festi-Cab works:
-There is a flat fee, per person/seat for a one way trip.
-You can hire the cab for an extended amount of time if you need the taxi longer or want a tour of the grounds
-Festi-Cabs can be called on walkie-talkies (ch 6.1), or you can call/text a driver personally if you ask for their number.
-Taxi pick-ups are placed around the festival to easily find a ride.

The conversations and experiences are always memorable, making the ride feel like an adventure. The tricks used by Festi-Cab drivers can also be used by you and your friends to help navigate a festival more quickly.  Some of these might be obvious, but we all can forget the obvious stuff once the excitement of a fest takes hold!

Tip #1: Use Your Map/Technology (if you can)!
The festival will usually supply you a map for free, make use of it!  After you setup Camp, figure out where you are on the map and mark it with a pen.  Most of the important items like water, bathrooms, food, stages, and campgrounds are marked for you.  Don’t just shove it in the trunk as you’re unpacking.  Put it in your pocket, bag, or whatever you’ll have on you most of the weekend.  When you’re lost, use it!  If you happen to have a GPS signal or service on your phone you can download one of the many “where’s my car” apps before you arrive and after setting up camp, turn the app on an set the location of your camp as your car.  Now anytime you need to find your way back, turn your phone on and the app will guide you back to camp.

Tip #2: Remember Landmarks
Look for things that will be easy to remember before you seek adventures.  Don’t just remember “between the red car and white car”.  Find things that will stand out.  A lot of festival goers will fly a flag or balloon.  Coupling this with other smaller landmarks will be easier to remember.  Another example is taking note of where the nearest porta potties are in relation to your site.  You can even draw your own landmarks on your map to aid in times when it’s not-so-easy to remember.  These simple things can make getting back to camp a breeze, for you and your taxi driver.

Tip #3: Tour the Venue

If it’s your first time at a new venue, or new camping spot, taking a walk or ride around the venue is a good way to get your bearings.  It can help you understand where everything is in relation to where you are.  Whether on foot or in a cab, having a grasp on the total venue can prove to be priceless during the festival weekend.

Tip #4: Don’t Forget Your Festi-Cab Schwag

Rides are already fairly priced, but Festi-Cab offers some amazing shirts and pins!  Each gets you a dollar off any ride, and can be purchased from a driver or the online store (along with season passes) at:

Tip #5: If All Else Fails, Follow the Music

Being lost at a music festival isn’t a terrible thing.  You’re bound to run into amazing people, and if you just follow the music you may also discover new and exciting bands you never knew existed!

Festi-Cab drivers are festival veterans, and know the struggles and awesome adventures any festival can bring. It’s our goal to make sure you have the best festival experience possible, even if it’s just helping you haul your ice or get you through the mud a little easier.

If you’d like to share your own navigation tips, or your own Festi-Cab experiences, post them in the comments below.  We look forward to seeing you this season, and remember, sexy people tip!

This post was put together by our friends at Festi Cab and we hope you enjoyed! ?