Music Festival Style Guide: 9 Tips for Choosing Your Outfits

One of the best parts (in our humble opinion) about music festivals is the excitement of choosing a themed, unique outfit. Music festivals are a great time to test the creative limits of your style and step outside of your comfort zone to really get into the spirit of the experience. Have elements of an old Halloween costume sitting in your closet? Try it out. Maybe you have a more daring dress you’ve been hoping for an event to rock out in—fair game. Festival Survival Guide is here to help get that inspiration flowin’. We’ve compiled 9 tips to help you decide on your outfits for the kick-ass weekend.

1. Channel the Artist 

How often do you get to see countless artists who are true style icons all in one place?

Live it up. In the music festival realm, anything goes. Going to see Ariana Grande at Coachella? Work that power pony and fur jacket. Billie Eilish is more your style? Bring on the street style and hoop earrings. If you’re feeling adventurous, take it one step further and embrace the full persona of your muse. Music festivals are the time to get out there and do things you normally wouldn’t (while staying safe, of course). Think of it as cosplay for fashion. The best part? If you’re staying for the whole weekend, you can try out several roles and decide which is your favorite at the end of the festival.

2. You Can Never Go Wrong with Boho Inspiration

Think Vanessa Hudgens at Coachella. (Don’t worry, we have pictures for reference of our favorite boho-chic celeb). Vanessa is basically the poster child for festivals so it only makes sense to pay tribute to our dreamy homegirl.

Crochet crop tops are all the rage right now and work great for the summer months, which is when most festivals take place. This is especially a great option for those of you headed to Bonnaroo this June where the Tennessee heat is nothing to joke about.   

Music festivals are all about the free spirits of the world and enjoying an experience in art, music, song, and dance. What better way to embrace all that than wearing an outfit fit for Woodstock?


3. Casual Chic

Want to take the more practical route, but still look on-trend? Consider shopping our very own Festival Swag Store. (We know, we know, a shameless plug—but hey, we all gotta eat somehow). From comfy tees to vibrant accessories, you’ll be stylin’. Pair our Hot AF Tank with a pair of cut-off denim shorts, wrap a bandana around your neck for a small statement, and equip yourself with some stylish shades, and voila! You’ll look effortless and fashionable while staying comfortable. Add our Festival Festival Festivals drawstring bag for the final touch and take all your important belongings (money, deodorant, chapstick, water, booze, etc.) with you wherever you go.

4. Go Out of This World

If it’s EDM or Coachella inspiration you’re looking for—try a more celestial vibe. Right now, embroidery, netting, kimonos, and body glitter are really popular at festivals. Embrace this look by wearing an embroidered little black dress with a flirty print like moons, flowers, or polka dots. Style your hair with the latest trend– space buns. Throw on some comfy shoes like converse or street-style white sneakers and you’re ready to rage all night. Loving the embroidered flower crop top set pictured below? Be sure to check out influencer Hailey Miller’s Instagram page (@dreaming_outloud) for even more festival outfit inspiration.

5. It’s All Rock and Roll

No matter what type of music festival you’re headed to—Coachella, Lollapalooza, Bonnaroo, Stagecoach, or Midtown Music here in ATL—you can’t go wrong with good old fashioned rock and roll. Pair your favorite band tee or one of our music festival tees with a pair of cut-off shorts or boyfriend jeans. For a finishing touch, add bangles and a stylish floppy hat to pull off that sweet spot between Stevie Nicks and The Rolling Stones.

6. Make a Statement

A bold statement necklace can go a long way. Summon your inner Cleopatra with a chunky, bangle choker necklace. The extra gladiator-style adds to the fun and bohemian aesthetic of most festivals. Add a lighter element like a floral print or a blush kimono to achieve a nice balance of feminine and edgy at peace as one. Plus, you know, rock a flower child meets bad-ass kind of style.

7. The Only Thing On The Fringe Should Be Your Outfit

You have your whole life to sleep and have quiet time—don’t waste a precious second during your festival weekend being a loner. Don’t be on the fringe—wear the fringe. Sporting fringe is a sure-fire way to look edgy and trendy while achieving a summery look. Props if you’re planning on visiting the west coast for your weekend since fringe is basically a desert dream.   

8. Tell Us About It, Stud

Another bad-ass and easy look to pull off is studded denim. Sometimes, you just want to be comfortable, especially if it’s going to be pretty hot and you’re camping. Denim jeans or shorts are the way to go if you’re hoping to stay low-key. If you’re headed to Bonnaroo, you could style your denim with a pair of studded cowgirl boots and pay your respect to Good ol’ Tennessee. Wearing studs is the perfect way to get that extra style factor. Add the finishing touches with a cab driver hat and steal the show.    

9. Can’t Forget Our Festival Dudes

Don’t worry, guys, we didn’t forget about you. A common and foolproof festival look for men includes a few essentials—a classic t-shirt, a bandana, sneakers, and sunglasses. This style is laid back, but up for anything at a moment’s notice.

If your t-shirt collection is looking a little dusty, have no fear, shop the Festival Survival Guide Festival Clothes here.

We hope this guide to festival fashion helps you choose the right clothes to wear at your next music festival. Stay tuned as we have much more coming in this category and will be updating our shop frequently.