Music Midtown: An Atlanta Experience

An Atlanta Memory

Nestled in the heart of Atlanta, the Music Midtown festival carried the weight of history and hope for the future. A pivotal event during the late 1990s and early 2000s, it went into a brief hibernation, only to resurge, taking a few bumps and twists but landing gracefully at its most recent home, Piedmont Park – Atlanta’s verdant metaphor to Central Park.

For Atlantans, the festival stirs unique memories and emotions. For some, it’s a trip down memory lane, an opportunity for Gen-Xers and elder Millennials to relive their youthful exuberance, some sharing the magic of live music with their offspring. Yet, for others, it’s an unfolding story, a backdrop to create new memories with friends, accompanied by the thrill of modern beats and maybe even a ferris wheel ride.


Music Midtown 2023

The 2023 chapter of Music Midtown took place from September 15-17, typically a perfect time of year in Atlanta, when the weather is still warm enough to accommodate crocheted crop-tops, jorts, and flip-flops.

Friday’s weather was welcoming, but rain showered on Saturday and Sunday. The grounds of Piedmont Park were muddied by the pedestrian traffic traversing through the festival. The spirit of Music Midtown, however, remained indomitable, however, and for those who braved the muddy challenges, the musical rewards were worth the price.


Navigating the Festival


While the event organizers advised against using personal vehicles to get to the festival, driving and parking was possible. With many garages laying dormant over the weekends in the Atlanta Midtown, attendees willing to walk a few blocks could pay to park nearby.

Getting In

Entry was hassle-free with three main gates, metal detectors, bag checks, and wristband scans. Large bags needed to be transparent, a common requirement at any large festival these days. Inside – lockers, charging stations, and spaces for folding chairs awaited attendees. No re-entry was allowed.


Food & Drinks

The gastronomic scene encapsulated Atlanta’s rich diversity. Traditional treats coexisted with exotic delights one might find at some of the country’s best state fairs. Bars were aplenty, serving everything from beer and wine to even mocktails (non-alcoholic cocktails). For those just looking to stay hydrated, water refill stations were available.

Experience by Nathan Zucker for High Water 2023_NZ2_6462

Restroom Reality

Attendees might tell you portable toilets weren’t the highlight, but that rarely seems the case for a mega fest like Music Midtown especially when rain and mud are factors. However, there were plenty of facilities and one was rarely seen waiting. Personal hygiene essentials like hand sanitizer and tissue were helpful to those who brought them.

Vibes & Crowd

A blend of youth and experience, the crowd radiated the urban elegance for which Atlanta is renowned. While the festival was largely peaceful, high-energy zones near the stage were packed out and rambunctious. Securing higher ground with a lawn chair was a prime strategy in a rain-soaked fest.


Exit Strategy

Before leaving, attendees could grab some official Music Midtown 2023 merch. Due to the high traffic area, mud was a constant companion until they exited. But it was all part of the experience – the shared laughter over muddy shoes was proof of the festival’s undying spirit.


Final Thought

Despite the challenges brought on by rain, it’s hoped that the event organizers continue to book head-turning, headlining acts and icons like Pink, Billie Eilish, The 1975, Lil Baby, and Guns-N-Roses. As long as it does, Music Midtown can continue its festival legacy and attract both fresh faces and seasoned fans, excited to take part in such an epic party set in one of the most beautiful scenes in Atlanta.