Okeechobee Number 3

Festival Season 2018 is off to a huge start…

and we can’t wait to get back to Florida for the third installment of Okeechobee Music x Arts Festival! It’s been a treat to watch this festival grow on what seemed like unusable land, in the middle of no where. Here’s everything you need to know about this year’s event. The festival is still evolving! So, make sure to get informed.


Box Office: 4601 Hwy 710, Okeechobee, FL 34972
Hours of Box Office:
Wednesday 2/28: 9am-9pm
Thursday 3/1: 7am-12am
Friday 3/2: 7am-12am
On Saturday, March 3rd and Sunday, March 4th the Box Office will move onsite to Portal 4A

Sunshine Grove (follow signs to portal 4A)
12517 NE 91st Ave
Okeechobee, FL 34872

Hours of Box Office at Portal 4A:
Saturday 9am-9pm
Sunday 10am-3pm

Wristband registration: [CLICK HERE]


– Whatever you do, don’t mess up and forget to go to Jungle 51 all weekend. If you’re a late night rider, this probably isn’t a concern. However, this spot is worth the sleep you’ll miss dancing into the night with artists like Honey Dijon and Volvox. Most of them rarely tour the southeast…so, this deep dark jungle in the middle of Florida is a pretty rare occurrence.
– Day. Time. SYLVAN ESSO. I dare you to find someone not smiling at the Be Stage on Friday afternoon *insert dancer girl emoji*
– Billie Eilish is about to be a huge pop star, even thought she’s only 16. Might as well see her, before she only does arena tours.
– THAT POWOW THO! Snoop Dogg + Chaka Khan + (I have recently become a big fan of) Joey Bada$$ + Dominic Lalli + more = a good time
– Lil Dicky is an awesome performer and should never be missed.
– For those who can make it, Thursday night’s Full Moon Party ft. Thriftworks, Opiuo, and Bassnectar will be one of the most unique festival experiences of the summer. Bassnectar festival sets have become quite the topic of debate. From the kids sitting on the rail all day, to the wooks in the back fucking with the first-time-trippers, to the sheer number of writhing bodies tightly confined for an hour…it can be A LOT to handle. Thursday night’s beach party has the potential to take a step back from that to a simpler time, where there were less selfies and more hugs.