OysterFest 2015: Presented by Spiral Entertainment

On February 7th, the weather Gods were shining down on Atlanta, Georgia.

It was like they knew the extent to which the OysterFest event would be improved by some glorious sunshine. It was a beautiful Saturday in Georgia! I knew I had made the right decision to go to my first OysterFest when we walked along Piedmont Park towards the Park Tavern. The park was full of Atlanta’s dogs, roller-bladers, frisbee throwers, and picnickers. At the far corner of the park, adjacent to 10th Ave, was a large event space including a fenced-in area with a much higher concentration of people than the rest of the park. That was the famed OysterFest in the short distance! There was a line, about the length of the front side walk, into the building for ticket holders. Luckily, the event was extremely well-staffed, so this and all lines throughout the day moved quickly despite their length. The Park Tavern is a complex used to host a wide range of events…from wedding receptions to an ice skating rink on the bottom floor! The space was transformed for OysterFest. Bars were at every turn. For food, there was a kitchen in the middle of the building where fried foods could be purchased. This station included french fries, and your choice of shrimp, chicken, or oysters. Further out in the open air spaces, raw and steamed oysters were available. The food was simple but delicious! The drinks were constantly flowing!

By the time the complex was full, the door went to a one in, one out line and trash cans were overflowing. One of the coolest ways Spiral Entertainment used the space was by putting the stage on one end of the ice rink! I’m not really sure how they did it…but you can see the rest of the ice rink in the background of this picture. Local bands and DJs played throughout the event. They were great entertainment. There was always a group of people getting down! So, basically…the event was a total success! Apparently, it has sold out multiple years in a row. This year was no exception. It definitely seemed like the place to be if you are over 21 and in Atlanta. The event also had one of the best views of the city! Something many took advantage of by chilling on the bank of the park with their beverage and food of choice. A good time was had by all.

Spiral Entertainment will be hosting a St. Patrick’s Day party called LuckyFest on Saturday, March 7th at the same location. For any info on Spiral Entertainment events check out their website: http://www.spiralentertainment.com/