Post-Covid: What Music Festivals Will Look Like From Here On Out

As we know, in 2020, all music festivals were completely canceled due to the Covid Pandemic. There was no definite date or plan for their return. All hope for the foreseeable future seemed lost. 

Until now. In March 2021, many US music festivals got the go-ahead to plan and announce that they were hosting their festival this year. The immediate reaction, of course, was extreme excitement and happiness. But, as the joy settled and tickets were bought, there was now the big question that needed to be answered, “What are festivals going to look like in this post-covid environment?”. 

Yes, any music festival’s goal this year is still to provide the attendee with the best experience possible. They still want them to continue having fun and letting go, but now, in this new normal, how will it look ensuring everyone is staying safe and healthy on top of that?

Like you, we are curious to see what these new pre & during music festival regulations and protocols would be. That’s why we have gone ahead and gathered a list of expected festival guidelines that will be required by the CDC.

The wording and protocols may differ depending on each music festival, so always check on the festival website you will be attending for the most accurate health and safety information. 

Post-Covid Music Festival Regulations & Protocols

  • Entrance and Inside Protocols
    • Depending on the Festival, show proof of:
      • COVID Vaccination.


      • Proof of negative COVID test results 48 hours before arrival. 
    • Temperature Checks at the entrance gate.
    • Attendees exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms will be put in an isolation room for further screening. 
    • Maintaining six feet apart from people who don’t live with you when waiting in lines or festival grounds. 
    • Attendees and staff will be discouraged from greeting others with physical contact.
    • Masks are required, must fit completely over the mouth and nose.
  • Exempted from Masks
    • A child under the age of 2 years.
    • A person with a disability who cannot wear a mask or cannot safely wear a mask for reasons related to the disability.
  • Vendors/participants will be spaced 10 feet apart and have barriers to help maintain the social distant rule.
  • Hand Hygiene & Respiratory Etiquette
    • Require staff and attendees to wash their hands frequently (Ticket transfer).
    • Handwashing and sanitizing stations throughout.
    • Attendees ate encouraged to avoid singing or shouting.
  • Cleaning & Disinfection
    • Venues will continuously clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces. (door handles, sink handles, food areas, grab bars, hand railings, and cash registers).
    • Shared objects will also be cleaned (ticket & payment terminals, tables, countertops, bars, and condiment holders).
    • Drinking fountains will be closed.
  • Restrooms
    • Limit the number of people in the restroom area – maintaining social distancing protocol.
    • Cleaned and disinfected regularly (high-touch surfaces such as faucets, toilets, stall doors, doorknobs, countertops, diaper changing tables, and light switches).
  • Modified Layout
    • More entrances and exits and discourage crowded waiting areas.
    • New Pedestrian traffic flow plan to reduce congestion.
    • One-way walkways or divided for bi-directional movement.
    • Physical barriers (sneeze guards and partitions).
  • Sharing Objects
    • Attendees are discouraged from sharing items that are hard to clean.
    • Limit any sharing of food, equipment, or supplies. 

We will continue to update this page if any more guidelines are implemented, so always check back here! 

Always be sure to check out the “Health & Safety” webpage of the festival you are attending to ensure you have the specific information because every festival will be different. 

For More Information, Head To The CDC’s Event & Festival Protocol Page.

Finally, we know this is an exhilarating time for all music festival enthusiasts, so be safe, following the guidelines, and most importantly enjoy yourself!