Preparing for TomorrowWorld 2013

And now for something completely different: TomorrowWorld, which will be held at Chattachoochee Hills, Georgia on September 27, 28, & 29! In case you don’t know, here’s the back story on this sure-to-be-freaking-epic inaugural festival. TomorrowLand is one of the largest festivals in the world. The event takes place in Boom, Belgium (awesome name for a town, I know) at the end of July. Since it’s beginning in 2005, the event has become one of the most recognizable global events in the electronic and festival communities. ID&T has since expanded the festival to make room for 180,000 people and 400 artists to perform over the span of three days. The event continues to sell out, year after year.

So, in February of 2013, when this video was released  people began to try to guess where the magical elixir would end up. There were plenty of rumors. Luckily for us, that little bottle magically landed in Chattahoochee Hills, Georgia. This is also the location of last year’s CounterPoint Music Festival.

So now, Georgia gets to host TomorrowWorld. People from all over the world will travel to our beautiful rolling hills. They will dance away the last rays of the summer sun and celebrate the coming autumn. As offered at this past TomorrowLand, TomorrowWorld has set up Global Journey travel packages for patrons coming from across the globe. There are many combinations; you can arrange your flight, hotel, shuttle, and/or camping accommodations through these packages. Although I will not need any of that, I really appreciate a festival that has the skill and ability to really assist people in figuring out the logistics of going to a festival outside their own country. It shows they care (and know how to make a profit off of everything that has to do with the fest).

The festival gives you many options for how you spend your nights and of course, all options have VIP upgrades. You can go for the full three day madness and spend your nights in a hotel by purchasing the Full Madness Pass for $347. You can also combine this with Dreamville, which is the camping grounds, for $397. The addition of Dreamville not only allows you access to the markets and campgrounds but it also gives you access to the pre-festival party called The Gathering held Thursday night in Dreamville! All tickets can be purchased at and we advise you do not use secondary outlets because people have been getting ripped off. You must also register YOUR NAME to YOUR WRISTBAND. They stress that you are the only one who can use your pass.

A quick side note about Dreamville…it is NOT GOING TO BE LIKE COUNTERPOINT’S CAMPING. I know it’s the same location but you will not have your car at your camping spot. For this reason, I would stress that you pack lightly and bring a dolly or hand truck to make carrying multiple large items easier. Like these two, they look like they had no trouble walking (up to 2 miles) from their car.

The lineup, which boasts almost 300 DJs from around the world is available at

Things to remember:

especially for people camping in Dreamville

  • tent, tarp, folding chairs (the usual)
  • cooler (with good wheels, unless you can carry it)
  • NO VALUBELS since you can’t lock things in your car everyday
  • bug spray (remember the fire ants at CounterPoint, I would suggest getting Raid and spraying it before you set up camp)
  • food (stuff at the festival/market place will be expensive)
  • some warm clothes (it’s been getting cold once the sun goes down, you might want some cozy sweats)
  • sunscreen
  • camel back (must be empty when entering the festival)
  • ear plugs – We’re hEAR For You will be providing some at the info booth

As always, make sure to glance over the rules…they have some nit picky ones (for example, you are limited to 1 case of beer & 1 1.75 liter bottle of liquor per person and NO GLASS)

Directions can be found at

Just look at what happened this year at TomorrowLand…it’s about to be madness!!!