Shaky Beats Music Fest – Inaugural Event

It was hard to sit out on Shaky Knees this past weekend in Atlanta at Centennial Olympic Park.

Luckily, Shaky Beats is just on the horizon this week. The new-comer to the southeast music festival circuit is highly anticipated in the region for hip hop, EDM and indie dance music fans. I think it makes a lot of sense to join the forces of these genres for a beat shaking good time in a place where bass-driven music of all types is loved.

Other than the genres working really well together, this festival is set up for success in many other ways. One being the location of the event. For a third weekend this spring, a music festival will take place on the grounds of Centennial tucked within the legendary Tabernacle, the CNN Center, the massive Georgia Aquarium and Philips Arena. Many of the festival patrons of Shaky Beats attended Sweetwater 420 Festival and/or Shaky Knees at the same location. So, if any newbies to the grounds get lost…they can probably turn to their neighbor and ask for directions…there’s a good chance their neighbor will be able to help.

Getting to the festival should be relatively easy. Atlanta is known for traffic delays, so check the traffic before heading out if you’re on a tight schedule. There are parking lots around Walton, Nassau, and Luckie Streets and there are parking decks at the CNN Center area. Uber and Lyft ($20 off your first ride by using the code: SHAKYBEATS16) are great options in this city, as well. The address for the fest is below —

Centennial Olympic Park
265 Park Ave W NW, Atlanta, GA 30313

The Box Office (purple ticket icon on the map above) is located at the Park directly across the street from the intersection of Walton St NW and Centennial Olympic Park Dr NW. The Box office will be open Wednesday & Thursday May 18 & 19 from 1pm – 8pm, and Friday-Sunday May 20-22 from 9am-10pm.

There aren’t any crazy stipulations in the list of things allowed vs not allowed. Sweetwater 420 Fest did not allow ANY backpacks, including Camelbacks. However, it looks like empty Camelbacks and small backpacks will be allowed. Each patron is allowed to bring in 2 SEALED bottles of water, as well. NO selfie sticks or any camera attachments are allowed. That’s pretty much the only thing to note from that list.

Single Day tickets and more info can be found on the Shaky Beats Festival website. We can’t wait to try out this fest for the first time with everyone!!!

Check it out! Our friends at We’re hEAR For You will be passing out FREE Earplugs all weekend! Take care of your ears, those beats you love so much could cost you your hearing.