Shaky Knees 2023 Review

The 2023 Shaky Knees music festival in Atlanta marked its 10 year anniversary, and boy did they know how to celebrate! Spanning three days, the jam-packed lineup featured some of the biggest names in rock, alternative, and indie music. It was truly a remarkable experience.

The Music

IMG_0905The most popular performances included The Killers, Muse, and The Lumineers. With four main and several smaller stages, there was no shortage of music to be heard and grooved to. I personally loved the performance by Muse – they put so much into it, the energy was unreal.

Other great names included Hozier, The Flaming Lips, Placebo, and the Front Bottoms. Whether you were there for the big names or more into the indie scene, every performance was absolutely unforgettable. And even with multiple artists playing at the same time, the schedule was conveniently set so that I never felt like I was missing out on anything.

Even with the diverse and dynamic lineup, one of the standout elements of Shaky Knees was its sense of inclusivity and value given to local creatives. The festival’s emphasis on diversity and inclusivity was reflected in the eclectic mix of artists from all genres, ages, ethnic backgrounds, and open-minded festival-goers.

HeadCount: Making a Difference in Voting

HeadCount-Team-at-Shaky-Knees-Music-FestivalHeadCount is an organization created to get more people to register to vote. They go to festivals and events and use them as an opportunity to inform people of voting rights and opportunities, and how to register. I was glad to see HeadCount volunteers at the festival, doing the good work of helping ensure more voices are heard in our country.

In fact, they were able to over 1,700 fans ready to vote! I was stoked when I found this out. Learn more about the good they’re up to by visiting their website,

The Atmosphere

IMG_1848Some of the best things about the festival were the atmosphere and the sense of community. Spectacular performances were the norm at the main stages, and in the evenings as the sun set over the beautiful Atlanta skyline, the festival became even more magical. Everyone was there to have a great time, and the positive vibe was palpable. The artists also did an incredible job of connecting with the audience, making the performances even more memorable.

The weather was pretty good too, with Friday and Saturday being on the cooler side. Sunday was a sunny day, which wasn’t a problem, except for at one particular venue, where it was completely asphalt with no shade. This magnified the heat and made it easier to become dehydrated. Other than that though, no complaints!

Even though the festival drew huge crowds, there was a real sense of safety at Shaky Knees with no visible disturbances. The team was well organized, and the security personnel was present and approachable, ensuring that everyone felt safe and could enjoy the festivities without worrying about mishaps while also keeping law and order. I would have even felt completely comfortable bringing along kids.

Speaking of kids…

A Special Shoutout to the Songs for Kids Foundation

IMG_0914Songs for Kids is an Atlanta-based organization dedicated to bringing fun, inspiration, and creative expression to children with disabilities and health problems through music and mentorship. Most of their work us usually done within hospitals, providing beside performances and mentoring kids in songwriting, singing, and recording.

They did several special performances at the festival, not only giving us great music, but providing terminally ill and special needs children with unforgettable experiences and bringing smiles to everyone’s faces.

Learn more about the incredible work they’re doing and how you can make a difference by visiting their site,

The Art

At the Shaky Knees festival, it wasn’t just about watching the show’s stars on stage but also about immersing yourself in all the surrounding creativity the festival site had to offer. The festival celebrated art and the creative culture in all its forms, and revelers could be seen buying art pieces from local artisans and participating in workshops around the festival site.

The festival beyond the music stages buzzed with art exhibits, collections to showcase environmentally friendly or reusable items, workshops, and visually stunning installations that provided that Summer festival experience.

One of the most popular attractions was the art installation that comprised hundreds of chimes that rang to create a magical forest-like atmosphere. There was also a beautiful mural that could be seen at any point on the festival grounds.

The Food and Amenities

Many food trucks, pop-up stands, and local restaurants served street-style cuisine to soothe the cravings of all tastes, preferences, and dietary restrictions. I was actually surprised by the number of options there were. There was genuinely something for everyone.

Daytime cooling stations and available bottled water from various water stations throughout the venue helped with much-needed hydration when the sun was up.

The festival’s management ensured that the festival-goers were well cared for by providing several water stations, medical facilities, restrooms, and security personnel.

Perhaps the most notable was the fact that, despite the festival being completely sold out and jammed packed, there were never really any long lines or wait times. When you got hungry or needed water, you just went and got it with with minimal wait, even during the most crowded parts of the day. The event was so well put together that they didn’t have a lot of the problems you typically see at festivals like this, making it truly an incredible experience.

An Added Bonus: Balconknees

IMG_1883The festival-going didn’t just stop when you left the venue premises. Just outside were apartment buildings where the balconies were facing those entering and leaving the festival. All along these balconies were people performing music, providing free music in addition to the festival. They were even advertisements all along the way, and it was like its own little festival – aka Balconknees.

It was truly an incredible atmosphere of people who just wanted to feel the music and carry on the good vibes.

All in All

The 2023 Shaky Knees music festival was nothing short of amazing. A well-organized, inclusive, and memorable event that provided a weekend of non-stop entertainment and a celebration of art, great music, diverse local culture, and community.

If you didn’t get a chance to attend the 2023 Shaky Knees festival, keep an eye out for the next one. With the quality of music, food, facilities, and overall production value, this festival is a must-add to any music lover’s bucket list. Here’s to the Shaky Knees team for putting on an unforgettable event!