Staying Clean At a Music Festival

After camping for several days or so at a music festival, you’re sure to get a little musky. It may be hot, muddy, and generally hard to keep clean.

Showers are not always available to help you out with this so here are so tips on how to improvise and stay as clean as possible through the long weekend.

Festival Showers

Some festivals do have showers available on site, but often they cost money to use. If you decide to make use of these, you may want to bring a bathing suit if you are modest. These are often more like shower houses than single-person showers.

Also plan the right time to hit up the showers, avoiding the first of the day as this is usually the busiest time so the line may be really long.

Camping Shower Setup

If you don’t feel like waiting in line or paying there are other options. You can bring a water bladder which you can sit on the top of your car for a while to get it warm.

Just be careful, if you have one with solar fabric on it the water can get really hot if you leave it in the sun for too long. Put it on your car for just long enough to get it a little warm, usually about 20 minutes or so.

Shower tents are also available at camping stores or on Amazon. These look like tall skinny tents. They have no bottom and have a hook to hang a camping shower on so that you can get undressed and take the closest thing to a “normal” shower.

A Simpler Approach

Yet another option and the one I personally subscribe to is a much simpler approach. Pack a few extra water jugs and leave one sitting out in the sun for a while.

When you want to get cleaned up, just put on a bathing suit and pour some water over your head. Wash your hair and let the water and shampoo run down and rub it in a little so that you can simultaneously clean your hair and body without wasting too much water.

Then use the water jug to wash your face off. Bring some face wash wipes to make it easier to get your face clean. Towel down and you’re done.

Takin’ Care Of Your Teeth

To brush your teeth I suggest packing a water bowl or using a plastic cup to rinse off your toothbrush and make it a little easier on yourself. The water jugs which have a little push downpour spout are the best to use for this. They can sit on a table or on the front of your car to give you some “running” water.

General Maintenance

Between “showers” an easy way to stay fresh is with baby wipes. Use these for a fast clean-up when you’re on the go or at the end of the night to wipe off your feet before bed.

Also, try dry shampoo and leave-in conditioner for a fast, clean head of hair for the weekend. Another helpful hint for the ladies is to bring some Nair or hair removal lotion if you want your legs to stay smooth without trying to shave at the campsite.

Hand sanitizer is your best friend!  Use it before cooking or eating, after bathroom visits, or just anytime you think about it. It’s always a good idea.

Being clean is optional of course, but if you like to feel fresh then I hope you find these tips helpful. Do what works best for you and have a good show!