Staying Healthy At a Music Festival

Everyone wants to throw down all weekend during music festivals but all that partying can really take a toll on your body.

Days of sleep deprivation coupled with hours of dancing, climate changes, and consuming party favors can catch up if you don’t take the time to take care of yourself.

Here are some easy ways to keep your mind and body in check throughout the weekend.

Prep For Showtime!

The first step is to prep your mind and body for the festival weekend ahead is getting some rest and nutrition.

For the days leading up to the show, you should try and get some sleep and eat as healthy as you can. This will give you a jump start because you will most likely get neither of these during the festival.

Getting some good nights of sleep and eating super healthy can store up some rest and nutrition for the weekend ahead. Just look at pro athletes, they are always resting and eating super healthy before big games because they know it will keep their minds and bodies in tip top shape for gameday.

When you really put it in perspective, the more rested and energized you are for the festival experience the more fun you are going to have. Being tired on Sunday after a weekend of live music and dancing your ass off can make the last shows of the festival weekend less fun.

You should also bring some vitamins with you to the show. Whether it’s in the form of smoothies or healthy food, or actual vitamin supplements. I prefer gummy vitamins because they are like candy and easier on your stomach. We have a few more listed below.

Emergen-C and airborne are also amazing for keeping you going throughout the weekend. I like to take at least two Emergen-C packs a day because they really keep your immune system up and they are easy to take really fast so you can get back to the fun.

A Few Items To Keep You Tip Top

Healthy Foods

Packing foods for the festival weekend that are nutritious as well as quick and easy to eat are helpful. Things like bananas and apples, granola bars and soup can be made and consumed with ease so you can load up on nutrition without too much effort.

It is amazing how much a healthy meal can do for your energy levels. It would be best to stick with healthy fats like nuts, avocados, and yogurt rather than super starchy foods like pasta and potatoes.

Keep the meals light and frequent and your body and brain will be able to keep up with the energy of the festival weekend more so than if you were to weigh yourself down with heavy meals.

Whatever you decide to eat, it is more important than you actually eat. So many rookies and vets alike get so caught up in the excitement of the music and good vibes they totally forget to eat. This doesn’t really suck, until it really sucks.

You suddenly get a headache and/or fatigue and just can’t figure out why, then you eat something and moments later start to feel like yourself again.

Hair Of The Dawg

If you want to avoid the hangover and rough feeling of a night well spent, replace your morning beer or coke with some mimosas, bloody marys or vodka smoothies made with juices high in nutrients and vitamins.

This can help you bounce back from the withdrawals of the hangover while feeding your body with what it needs to recover from the rager the night before.

This way you are not taking away from your party time but doing a little something to treat the body that you are putting through the wringer all weekend.

Stay Hydrated

Another thing that can make a big difference is remembering to drink lots of water. It can get hard to remember but try to carry a water bottle, vitamin water, or camel pack with you every time you head off the campsite to a show.

It can be the difference between feeling like hell for half the weekend and being able to handle anything the festival throws at you. The above-mentioned electrolyte tablets work absolute wonders in getting and keeping you hydrated so add them to your water bottles throughout the weekend.

It goes without saying, that staying healthy throughout the festival weekend is going to make your experience much better and even help make your friend’s experiences even better.

Stay Smart

When you don’t have to worry about helping a friend nurse their hangover or deal with food poisoning or dehydration, everyone has more fun. So do it for yourself, and do it to keep your ass dancing all weekend!