Surviving the Revived CounterPoint Music Festival 2014

CounterPoint was never dead. It was only postponed for a year or so because of some logistics and maybe a little bit of politics. However, the glorious festival made a triumphant return to life on new land!

It came back, bigger than ever with the same beautiful people and spirit that made it so special in 2012. The grounds were wonderful! All stages were positioned so that there wasn’t much noise overlap but it was possible to walk from one stage to the other quickly without missing a beat. There was a good rain storm on Sunday afternoon, which cancelled a couple of hours of music. The organizers were good about getting everyone back to their cars in time for the down pour. They also were pretty quick to open the venue back up once the iffy weather had passed! Really though, that was one of the best run medium sized festivals I have ever been to. Props to the organizers, staff, and volunteers!

A few tips for next year’s CounterPoint:

1) BUY tickets early to get the best price! You already know the lineup will be worth it, why wait and spend $50 more?!?!

2) Bring rain boots and waterproof everything no matter what the Weather Channel predicts (duh, it’s April in Georgia…it’s gonna rain at least a little)

3) Go cashless! CounterPoint had an awesome benefit of registering your wristband – you could register your bank info as well and just scan your wristband to get food or drinks instead of carrying around a wallet

4) Fill your car up with gas BEFORE GOING INTO THE GATES – there were certain times during arrival and departure where people had to wait in their cars in line for 2+ hours. Hopefully, this is something that will be improved in the future but that would be the worst place to run out of gas!

5) Check out the lesser known artists on the lineup before the fest – CounterPoint has a knack for booking some of the newer guys who end up being huge in a year! For everyone who missed it…you will be sorry you missed that 4PM Real Magic set ?

6) Utilize the AWESOME water stations! Definitely some of the best water stations I have ever seen. I’m not sure which company built them but apparently, we will see them at more festivals this year!