The Thing About Suwannee Hulaween…

…it’s AMAZING!!! Here’s some of our favorite things about Suwannee Hulaween and a short guide to this years’ festival.

As this festival grows in popularity, it is having to move around and change up a little. This stage in a festival’s life can either solidify its place in the American festival circuit or it can be swallowed up by it. It’s time to see if Hula is here to stay! (I sure hope so)

Some of the best things you will see:

  1. Spirit Lake – This has to be #1, anyone who has been to Hula will agree. Nestled in the armpit of the festival, Spirit Lake transforms from a peaceful, art-filled gathering area during the day to one that is alive with the many wild, haunting, yet captivating installations! A maze of trees and art pieces leads you to the waterfront, where inspired light designers have used their skills to illuminate the vast lake view and tree line on the other side. Art director, Andrew Carroll says of Spirit Lake, “It’s a very exciting project on a remarkable chunk of land. My intention is to bring the local art community together in a way that unifies us all creatively while blowing people’s minds!”
  2. Incendia – Conveniently located at the entrance of Spirit Lake (the map isn’t available yet, so it might be moved this year). Some DIY burners and builders created a one-of-a-kind multi dome structure that duals as a chill zone during the day and a fire-y disco inferno at night! Pretty ingenious, right? Not only is this a great area to hang out with your Hula buddies but it also could be your next favorite stage area. That’s right, there’s music involved, too! *insider info* this is where some of the coolest secret sets of the festival happen!
  3. The MUSIC – Y’all. I can’t believe the lineup for this festival this year! Not only will fest-goers get to experience what seems like unlimited Cheese, but there will also be huge headliners like My Morning Jacket, Disclosure, Umphrey’s McGee, & STS9! Of course, I would love to suggest some of the maybe lesser known artists…Anderson .Paak & The Free Nationals, Rüfüs Du Sol, Louis Futon, The Heavy Pets, Snarky Puppy, and Oh Wonder…but I really could go on with the list. Look out for secret sets and the silent disco announcements for your late night raging ?
  4. Shiny, Happy People – Probably my favorite part of Hula! The vibes at Suwannee Music Park are incredible at any festival but they are definitely extra bright for Hulaween. This shouldn’t be much of a surprise though – thousands of people become best friends with strangers, reunite with old friends, and do it all at a camping oasis with some of the best bands around the world!
  5. Campgrounds – It’s hard to explain this one, until you see it. There are many different sections of the massive camping park. Suwannee functions year-round as a camping facility and event area. So, there is great infrastructure like bath houses and roads. Hulaween, along with any festival at Suwannee, is special because you have the opportunity to really have a camping experience at a festival. Most camping fests, you’re in a giant field in rows of cars and lucky if you’re within a couple minutes walk to the nearest port-a-potty. At Suwannee, a good portion of the camping is in or along the edges of trees in the forest. And any real camping experience wouldn’t be complete without camp fires!

Ok, that’s enough talking up the fest. Like we said…it’s AMAZING!!! Now, we’ll go over some tips and pointers for this years’ fest.

Tickets & Upgrades

Getting there

9379 Co Rd 132
Live Oak, FL 32060

The Festival Entrance will be open from NOON est on Wednesday (10/26) until the evening on Sunday (10/30).

Early Arrival Info – you must purchase an Add-On and use the Main Entrance

  • Sunday early arrival: $50.00 per person
  • Monday early arrival: $40.00 per person
  • Tuesday early arrival: $30.00 per person

Car Camping *this is updated/new from previous years* – every car that goes into the camping area will need this $20.00 pass. The festival is trying to address over-crowding concerns and hoping to limit the number of cars in the actual camping area…so CARPOOL!!!

Also, new this year – you can purchase upgraded campsite (photo below of areas) passes to ensure you will have the camp spot you desire. This will probably make the prime, most desired camp areas very limited to general admission ticket holders without the pre-ordered passes. Since this is a change from years’ past, expect there to be some confusion from patrons who are expecting things to be the same as last year.


Live Oak, Florida is absolutely perfect this time of year! The weather is looking good to be in the low 80’s for the highs and mid-to-upper 50’s for the lows. Definitely plan accordingly! It will be warm and bright during the day but once the sun goes down, the temp will drop and it will be very chilly at night. This is where that campfire will come in handy! Also, a fleece onesie is perfect for this fest! Plus, it’s just another excuse to dress up as an animal or Darth Vader.

General Tips

  1. Plan ahead to keep your campsite clean and leave no trace after – BRING TRASH AND RECYCLE BAGS…and use them! Let’s keep this beautiful park pristine ?
  2. Check out the bat house around sunrise or sunset at least once during the weekend!
  3. If you want to avoid port-a-potties, check the map and walk a little further (if needed) to the bath houses for running water and free showers
  4. Keep your ear to the ground for secret sets all weekend
  5. Want to watch some football? The Music Hall will have a sports bar, showing college football games on Saturday
  6. There are NO alcohol restrictions to what you can bring into the camping areas!! If you bring glass, please make sure it gets disposed (recycled) properly. We all have an Earth-loving friend who walks around with out shoes on…they don’t want to step on broken glass!