Statistics say 32 million individuals attend music festivals in the US each year. Are you one of them? Or, are you new to the trend and hoping to add to that statistic?

Either way, if you’re going to a music fest, then it’s best to prepare ahead of time. You need to secure transportation, pack your bags, and buy your tickets. Are you wondering what’s essential for your next festival and what should get left behind?

Read on to learn about the worst items you could put on your festival packing list and why you should avoid them.

1. Full Suitcases

Have you ever seen a festival-goer lugging a giant suitcase? Don’t be that person. You won’t need a full week’s worth of clothes, shoes, and other goods.

Rather than bringing a suitcase full of goods, opt for a festival drawstring bag instead. That way, you can keep all your valuables with you at all times.

2. Glass Containers

Plenty of festivals allow you to bring in your own food or drink supplies. You’ll need to read the rules of each festival, though, because some don’t allow glass. That means you’ll need to transfer any food or drink that’s in a glass container into a plastic one.

There’s a good reason for this rule because glass can shatter. No one wants a bunch of broken glass along the ground because it can lead to serious injuries. Broken glass could also get used as a weapon by an intoxicated person.

It’s best to leave any glass behind at home.

3. Your Children

Music festivals are a great experience, but they aren’t one you want to share with your kids. Keep in mind that music festivals mean giant crowds of people. The last thing you want to happen is for your youngster to get lost amidst a crowd of strangers.

On top of that, festivals can be dangerous for kids. The extreme noise levels can damage a child’s ears.

4. Your Pet

No one wants to think about leaving their adorable pets at home, but sometimes it’s for the best. Too many festival goers decide to bring along their pups. Here’s why that might not be the best idea:

  • Your pet could get dehydrated
  • Pets get overheated after short periods outside
  • Hot pavement can burn your pup’s pads
  • Too much noise and crowds can cause anxiety in your pet
  • Your pup could get lost in the crowd
  • Your dog may get aggressive with others

Dogs, unless they’re a service animal, don’t belong at festivals. Neither do cats, rabbits, or any other type of pet.

Festival Packing List for Pros

Packing too many extra items is a music festival rookie mistakes you don’t want to make. Not only will your extra stuff be a burden, but it could also get stolen if you’re not careful. Instead, make your festival packing list light. Stick to the essential festival gear.

Here at Festival Survival Guide, we’re dedicated to making your experience as good as it can be. Are you looking for more pro-tips for your next festival? Browse around our blog for more of our latest content.