What to do after the festival is over in Atlanta???

City music festivals are great! That means, you don’t have to camp.

You have an entire city to play in during the hours the venue isn’t open. SHOWERS!!! BEDS!!! FOOD!!! It’s great. This past Labor Day Weekend, I attended Imagine Music Festival. It was a fabulous first time EDM festival held in the heart of Atlanta, Georgia. The only downside was that it ended at 11pm, which is when the night is really getting started for ravers. Luckily, Atlanta has lots of options for late night parties on the regular. One staple of the Atlanta music scene is Liquified’s weekly Illuminate events! During the weekend of Imagine, Liquified capitalized on the early end time of the fest. They hosted one of the biggest EDM shows of the year! Dada Life’s first appearance in Georgia!!! It was a huge success with mostly people who were fresh off of Fedde Le Grand’s set at IMF. Through out the year, Liquified hosts events like this. I wonder if they have anything in the works for TomorrowWorld next weekend….? Oh, and they have new lasers. Just in time ?