Why Renting a Camper Van for Music Festivals Is the Best Idea Ever?

Are you stoked out of your mind about the awesome experience you are about to have at an upcoming music festival? Do you have your accommodations taken care of? Have you considered a camper van? I assume you are contemplating that very idea right now. 😉 In this post, we are going to outline the reasons why renting a camper van or RV for your upcoming music festival is the best idea you may not have had.

The first and most important reason is that you will have a much more comfortable place to sleep. You will not be crammed into a tent with eight other people, trying to get some rest before the next day of music. You will have your own space where you can relax and recharge that is more removed from the elements than what the thin lining of a tent provides.

Another great reason for renting a camper van is that you can store all of your belongings in one place where it is safe. You will not have to worry about losing anything or having it stolen. Everything will be safe and sound in your camper van.

Plus, you will have all of the amenities that you need right there with you. You can cook your own food in a kitchenette, take hot showers, and use a toilet without having to leave the comfort of your camper van or RV.

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Let’s now look at the top reasons why renting an RV or camper van for your upcoming festival experience is a great idea!

All Of the Amenities

Need warm water? You got it. Need to use the restroom in peace? No problem.

You not only have access to all of your festival supplies, but they will stay clean and are much more likely to stay organized in a camper van rather than a festival camping tent.

More Affordable Than a Hotel

If staying at a hotel is an option for the festival you are attending, then you can certainly save some cash by renting an RV or camper van. You can fit several people into them depending on the size you get and splitting up the costs amongst your crew can save everyone several hundred dollars over the course of the weekend.

Now all you have to worry about is what to spend the money you saved all that money on! Here is a list of some curated items we put together for your festival needs.

Better Privacy

Ever been camping at a music festival? Ever want to just chill out and tune everything out even if for just a moment? Well, a camper van or RV is going to give you that privacy in a way that your tent or even your car simply can’t.

Most of them come equipped with blinds or privacy shades built-in which will make unplugging for a minute to chill out or do something you wouldn’t want to do in public (eh-ehm) much easier.

It Is Quieter

There is essentially zero insulation from outside noise in a tent. This makes sleeping and relaxing much more difficult especially because there are always going to be people up and throwing down at all hours of the night.

A camper van or RV will provide that much-needed sound barrier to help you relax and sleep better by removing most of the noise that would otherwise creep into your earholes and keep you from getting a good night of sleep.

Everyone Will Envy You

Let’s face it, it feels good to be the one who has their shit together and inspires people to get their shit together. With a camper van or RV at the festival campsite, you are sure to turn some heads, and get some compliments on really having it “figured out”.

If anyone asks where you got yours from and where you got the idea, it would be rad if you told ’em about this super awesome website. 😉

Still reading? Super cool. Let’s have a look at the tips for choosing a camper van for music festivals.

Tips for Renting to Attend Music Festivals in an RV

At many festivals, there are special gatherings to socialize, eat and drink before or after the day guests visit. This is a definite perk of staying on-site. Here are some tips to make attending a festival in an RV the best weekend ever.

1. Ensure the Rented Camper Van is Well-Equipped

Some events include hookups or at least electricity, but you’ll be dry camping for the most part. Make sure you have enough gas and that your house batteries are completely charged. Make sure you have groceries and extra water before you arrive, and that your tank is full of water. If you’ve never boondocked before, take a dry run in your driveway to be sure you’re ready!

Are you concerned about the battery in your vehicle during the weekend? Perhaps a pair of jumper wires might be useful. Renting? Choose a rig here and ask the owner any concerns you have about living in the RV without connections if that’s your intention.

2. Pack Well

Let’s be fair, these events take place outside. You’re also camping. Bugs, sun, rain, heat, and whatever else you might encounter outside are all possibilities. As a result, bug spray and sunscreen should be on your packing list. You’ll also need a raincoat or poncho, layers of comfy clothing, a fantastic camping chair, and whatever else you enjoy having on hand when you’re outside.

Consider taking a flashlight or headlamp to help you find your way back to your spot in the dark. Also, if it rains, many festivals will get muddy, so keep that in mind while packing shoes. Pack wisely to ensure your success and comfort!

3. Do Not Carry Prohibited Items

Read the fine print to find out what is and isn’t permitted at the festival. Weapons, glass bottles, pyrotechnics, pets, and illegal narcotics are all examples. Prepare yourself to cook and socialize lawfully by doing your studies before you leave!

Final Remarks

Camping at a music festival can be a lot of fun, but it is also very tiring. Renting a camper van takes all of the hassles out of camping and makes your experience so much more enjoyable. So what are you waiting for? Reserve your rental today!